Build Luminance HDR on Windows using msys2


we speak only about building with msys2 and generate an installer on windows.

I am trying to make a patch with all I made to build and make an installer.
A diff is not sufficient as I added files.

  • if you can explain how to make a patch with all added files, it would be fine

  • then your help will be useful and essential to check, clean and improve that

(Jean-Christophe) #17

@gaaned92 What do you mean by “a patch with all added files” ? Could you share your patch with me already ? I could give some hint from this starting point. I’m installing lhdr as explained by @heckflosse. Damn, qt5 is huge !

(Franco Comida) #18

@gaaned92 @Hombre hello, you guys can send a pull request on GitHub. That’s why git was created in the 1st place, no more patches floating around. Thank you.


You are right but really it is beyond my skills to do that as I have very rusty and rudimentary programming knowledge.

I made a patch installer.patch (128.9 KB) to be checked by knowledgeable people @Hombre @heckflosse or you.

Sure after checking you will make a PR for code review.

(Jean-Christophe) #20

@fcomida I don’t know github enough to answer this question, but it’s not possible to commit to a PR of a forked repository, unless you have commit right to this fork ?

@gaaned92 Thanks, I’ll look at it asap.

(Franco Comida) #21

@gaaned92 If you managed to make a patch you’ll find it’s even easier to send a pull request but of course you don’t have to. @heckflosse has his own fork of lhdr and a working msys2 environment for the patch or the pull request.

(Franco Comida) #22

@Hombre that’s what pull requests are all about. You clone the repository locally, make your changes and then send a pull request, you don’t have to have commit rights. If you send a PR to me I can review your code and decide to pull it effectively doing a merge/commit. And git is distrubuted so you can send the PR to someone else ( @heckflosse ) and he will decide to accept/incorporate your changes and then he can send a PR to me since I have commit rights to the repo considered (only by convention) the “OFFICIAL LHDR REPOSITORY”

(Jean-Christophe) #23

@fcomida Yes, I forked LHDR and will work on it. I only worked on RT so far, so this is a new behavior for me, but I’ll stick to the rule :wink:

(Jean-Christophe) #24

@gaaned92 I’ll remove everything about AboutThisbuild. That’s not something lhdr is handling, so we won’t make things uselessly complex.

(Franco Comida) #25

@Hombre no need for creating patches now, when you are happy with your changes just send a PR to @heckflosse fork, he can review/test them. I cannot do it right now.


Now it’s up to you to correct, modify, improve as you want. :smile:

(Jean-Christophe) #27

Patch is almost done, only remaining things is how to find the location of the dependencies to create the Installer ?

I’ll be away for few hours. Let me post something around midnight or more probably tomorrow.

(Jean-Christophe) #28

@fcomida @heckflosse

We have 2 situations to handle :

  1. The user build LHDR himself for himself, so he doesn’t need to copy the dll in the destination directory, adding msys64\mingw64\bin to the PATH suffice
  2. The user build LHDR to create a installable version, so the libs have to be copied to the base output dir before packaging.

My question is : do we care of point 2 in the cmakefile ?

(Ingo Weyrich) #29

I see no reason to care for point 2 in the cmakefile.


under Msys2, 64 bits dependencies(dlls) are found in /mingw64/bin

(Franco Comida) #31

In linux we have rules in cmake for generating proper “make install” instructions and “make install” is also needed by rpmbuild for generating a rpm package (and maybe a deb package). In any case “help”, “icons” and “hdrhtml” folders must be subfolders of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX for lhdr to run properly.

What I mean is that, even without creating a package/installer, when run from <BUILD_ROOT> those folders are still relatives to <CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX>

(Jean-Christophe) #32

Discussion in issue 78 please ?


Thanks to @heckflosse and @Hombre, LuminanceHDR can be built using MSYS2.
It is still a WIP and they need testers

A new version of W64 installer with align_images_stack.exe and dependencies correctly installed available here

It can be installed where you want and should not interfere with official stable version.
Please report test results at Issue 78

(Mica) #34

I got a bug report for the LHDR build for windows:

New HDR Image -> Imported raw files from my GH5(still happens with jpeg’s) -> Message, that if could’nt find the exif tags -> changes the EVF from the photos Manually -> Programm alligns the photos (auto allign photos and anti ghosting is on) -> I click on finish ( Default settings) -> programm crashed with a windows message, “luminance-hdr.exe isn’t working”


(Ingo Weyrich) #35

Thanks for reporting the bug. The anti ghosting crash is already fixed in master branch of my fork with this commit