C&C wanted, trying to create pre-sets

I have always wanted to have a ‘look’ to my images that is my own. Using RT 5.9 Dev with Abstract profiles, I attempted to create some on-click image presets that could achieve this for any image.

The presets were created using my own raw images from my Fuji X-T20. Here are some results using two presets I created applied to some varying play raw images to see how they would behave. The workflow was to simply open the image, apply the profile, resize, then save. Many of them could have benefited from some exposure tweaks as well, but that would ruin my ‘experiment’.

Thoughts? Comments?

Warm memories.pp3 (14.7 KB)
Deep blue.pp3 (15.1 KB)

(Image license info available by following the links)

Image by @Thomas_Do Rennkoppel, Bad Segeberg

Image by @baongoc124 Just taking a breath

Image by @Toand007 Finding my style
DSCF6669-warm memories
DSCF6669-deep blue

Image by @Jade_NL Show me your artistic face!

Image by @zhopudey Tiger Tiger burning bright

Image by @arctic Sunset on Brusvikken - Darktable filmic vs sigmoid

The bluish-purplish colours turn electric.

Thanks for the feedback. I set the “Preserves Pastel tones” slider up to 100.
DSCF6669-deep blue
DSCF6669-deep blue 2