Call for requests : color balance RGB tuto

darktable 3.6 introduces a revamped color balance (rebooting color balance).

The doc is complete ( and I did a tutorial in French (mostly because the doc is not translated):

Color grading is a broad topic (and actually a full-time job in itself) because it includes many different goals and tools. So, I strongly recommend you peruse these reference books (the first one I used to improve color balance, so the knowledge it contains can be transferred to dt, although the UI is a tad different from other soft):

Some people asked me if I could reshoot the tuto in EN. I’m mildly enthusiastic about reshooting anything. The thing is it doesn’t bring anything more than all these resources combined, so the question I ask you now is : what extra info do you want/need that wouldn’t be already covered by the already-exisiting doc ?

If you are to send me pics to edit, please clearly state the desired look and feel you want them to convey. I can’t color-grade something just to “make it pretty”, some communication intent is required.


The auto-translate subtitles do a good enough job for me. Like watching a foreign film :wink:

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Is this call for requests to show how color balance can mimic certain styles? If so, as no one else has yet replied, I’ll be greedy and kick things off with two requests.

Can we make this play raw:

Look like 1) An Oil Painting

And 2) An Autochrome

Reference images were purposefully chosen to have colours similar to the raw, and because it is easier for me to show a visual example of desired look and feel, rather than explain with words.

However Autochromes are known for having saturated reds (compared to other autochrome colours) with a tendency towards orange, and desaturated blues with a tendency towards violet. Less contrasty than modern photography and slightly dark or underexposed. A number of interesting gamut plots (limited to srgb) can be seen at this link (scroll down a short way until you see the autochrome heading):

Such as:

Hope I have understood the purpose of the thread correctly, and am not wasting your time.

Edit: As this is about the color balance module, I am interested in the colour and tone, not the texture like blur, grain or brush strokes.

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That’s a start, thanks !