Came across new FOSS panorama stitcher on Reddit, xpano

Just happened on a post on the subReddit for FOSSphotography. Have a look at the thread here and at the git repo where the code is here: GitHub - krupkat/xpano: Automated photo stiching tool. Lets you import a directory of images and then export the autodetected panoramas.

Although the author has only released a flatpak binary and states compatibility with Ubuntu, I was able to compile and install on Manjaro without issues. Show the author some love as this looks pretty damned good from where I’m sitting and I’ve been using Hugin for ages and ages!

The stitcher works pretty straightforward and my initial test shows it does a great job. examples below.

My source files:

And the resulting pano, autocropped in Xpano, distracting elements on the right top and bottom cloned out in Gimp


Nice find @Mike_Bing

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Offtopic, but might be useful: you can browse reddit with their old, traditional interface at – so much better than their regular interface.

Ontopic: great find, thanks for sharing!


Thanks a lot @Mike_Bing for testing the app and showing your results here, really nice!

I’ve been working on Xpano for the past half year as a hobby project, the stitching algorithm is from OpenCV: OpenCV: Images stitching
I haven’t seen another free app that uses it yet, so that was part of my motivation.

My goal was to have something quick and simple to use to explore the pano options after a shoot, but it turned out the results can be quite usable - often no further processing is needed in something more advanced.

I’d be happy to answer your questions / hear your feedback on the app.


Hey @krupkat welcome!

I tested it with a few panos that I have and it worked really well. Even one that took lots of tweaking in Hugin to stitch correctly worked without issue in xpano.

I’ll be happily adding it to my workflow.

Can it export in tiff? I tried but was not successful in doing so.

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Thank you, I’m happy the app works well for you!

It should work - by typing the .tiff extension in the export window. There may be a bug on Linux though, I just tested it and on Windows it works, but the Linux version appends .tiff.jpg, I’ll look at fixing that.

If you have an account there, I’d appreciate if you put an issue on github: Issues · krupkat/xpano · GitHub, but this bug report works as well :slight_smile:

It does (at least when I tested it) but I noticed you have to use the double f in the extension so tiff rather than tif

I have downloaded the flat pack for linux mint and look forward to trying it. Thanks for the post.

Not trying to distract from OP but I have also found for Windows users the archived Image Composite Editor (ICE ) from Microsoft is my favourite free panorama editor. My windows computer has died so it it either Hugin or this new option here for me.


ICE is not free in terms of FOSS, nothing Microsoft makes is truly free.

[EDIT] Update: found the EULA and it is indeed far from “free”, you merely do not have to pay to use it. Microsoft Image Composite Editor CPT EULA (2008!09!03) | PDF | License | Source Code

Build update: now built it on my desktop machine as well (Manjaro install) which failed on spdlog dependency which is easily installed throug pamac. Second time around: flawless build and running now.

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Thanks for checking out the app!

Regarding ICE I also quite enjoyed using it in the past, it is a great inspiration in terms of how user friendly it is.

Yes I will do that. I installed the flatpak and I wasn’t able to edit the text in the export filename line at all…

Somehow got stuck without possibility of stitching, will investigate in more detail.

Installed from flatpak

The “Matched” section appear just when I show debug info.
Without debug I’m stuck just viewing one or no image even whatever “show button” I click and the Failed to stitch pano.
Drag’n’drop of images in the window did not work ether even though the “+” icon was displayed.

I feel like It should be more appropriate to fill bugs in git hub, will try to do that tonight :slight_smile:

Apart from that the software looks quite straightforward !

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Thanks for checking out the app @clind! Much appreciated.

The error seems to be OpenCV unable to stitch the photos, this can happen if there is some foreground object too close to the lens, then the stitch can be a bit hit and miss.

But I’d be happy to test it out if you put the issue on GitHub, ideally with the source images used.

That is not true.

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I stand corrected. Please read “not much” where I wrote “nothing”

Done, thanks for sharing the software :smiley:

Thank you @clind!

I actually already found the images in your topic on the site and have been checking.

I’ll have a fix ready in a few days but I managed to get it working, this is generated from the included previews from your raw files:


Nice, that was fast !

The fixed version 0.10.0 is now available, thanks to your bug report :slight_smile:
Have fun trying it out!