Xpano 0.11.0 + thank you

There is a new release of Xpano, feel free to test it out: GitHub - krupkat/xpano: Automated photo stiching tool.

New features are based on feedback from you:

  • automatic detection of horizontal / vertical panorama (PR), thank you @123sg for posting an image that inspired this feature
  • quick projection type button (PR), thank you @clind for the idea
  • better defaults for chroma subsampling (PR), thank you @Ofnuts for the suggestion!

Also thanks to everyone who checked out the app, the feedback in the other thread has been amazing so far, thanks a lot @Mike_Bing for creating it and showing Xpano to all of you here!

Thanks to @paperdigits we now have an Xpano category, so feel free to post any feature requests / suggestions, bugs or your creations in here.

Have a great day!


Dude, thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful software package and keeping it open source, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. All I did was find you on Reddit and repost here in the hope this community would welcome you and that is exactly what happened. Awesome!


Thanks for your soft, it really feels a gap, a niche in my workflow !


Thanks Thomas for working on this software. I tried it do a series of four images of a buidling where the images were in the pattern of a top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. The merge worked poorly on this image, but I will try it on the new software next week and see how it goes. If you are interested I can send the files to you if they fail to do a good stitch. BTW, do you have access to a windows computer?

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I’d be interested, please send me the photos when you have time. Yes, I do have a Windows machine to test on.

Thanks Thomas for working on this software.
To improve orientation it would be good to give the number of the current version, e.g… about

My fun
DSCF0229 2023-04-06


Thanks for sharing the pictures :slight_smile:

Good tip! You can check the version number now, though it is a bit hidden in Help → About → Changelog.

Thank you
I use the Windows version
CHANGELOG 2023-04-07

Combination of scans

Zamek Drakuli w Hunedoarze pano_0


Any plans to get it to work with non-jpeg files? I usually export my raws to 32-bit TIFF or EXR, but Xpano won’t load them.


Thanks for the subsampling option.

Problem report: I can’t make the directory load work. I get the file dialog OK, can select a directory, but hitting “Open” (mouse click or keyboard) leaves the dialog up and doesn’t do anything, as if it were bluntly ignored.

Ubuntu 20.04, using the flatpak version (0.11.0) so all libs are yours :slight_smile:

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Hello @krupkat

I don’t post messages on this forum quite often but for you I have made an exception :slight_smile:

Joking aside, I am extremely grateful for your software
Just tested on Windows 11.
Installed on a powerful pc:
CPU 12700H; 32 GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti; SSD

Your app is blazing fast!
Tested with 4 Jpeg of a building (10 Mb each) and it has been pretty instantaneous
In all truth, it was an easy job: no moving objects between images (clouds, leaves etc), yet, it is amazing. Simple and easy.

Congratulations and keep rocking :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the report, I just tested on 20.04 and for me it straight up crashes… I reported the issue to the external library: PickFolder returns a file path on Ubuntu 20.04 · Issue #91 · btzy/nativefiledialog-extended · GitHub

I plan to test how it works with 16bit images first: Support inputs with higher image depth · Issue #74 · krupkat/xpano · GitHub


I also updated all the Issues · krupkat/xpano · GitHub, feel free to browse / comment.

Thanks @Zbyma72age for sharing the nice pictures, the castle looks great!

And thank you @Silvio_Grosso for the heartwarming message! If you’re interested check out some of the details in the OpenCV documentation that make this all possible.

Very happy with this one even though my camera movements were a little off :slightly_smiling_face: (I was balanced on some temporary stadium style seating …)


I’ll certainly give Xpano a try.
I normally use Hugin, but it can be overkill and overcomplicated at times.

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Really cool application, thanks a lot!
The instant preview when playing around with the projection is really awesome. It allowed me to very quickly find the best option for this rather challenging pano, much easier than with Hugin :slight_smile:


There is a an update of Xpano: Release 0.12.0 - Persistent options · krupkat/xpano · GitHub
this time more focused on UX:

  • welcome message, warning messages
  • showing a changelog after version update (starting with the next version)
  • loading '‘tif’ as well as “tiff” files
  • version number in window title
  • persistent user preferences

As before, I’d be happy to get your feedback if you encounter any issues / have ideas for improvement.

The next version will be more feature focused, I currently have metadata support and Multiblend integration in process, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hello @krupkat

Just tested the new version on Windows 10 and I have got no crash whatsoever.
Tested both jpeg and tiff (8 bit)

Thanks a lot for your efforts :slight_smile:

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I’ve been trying to put together a PKGBUILD of xpano for Arch Linux users but, alas, I’m not having much luck trying to get a build to work — I’ve not done a PKGBUILD before, and the concept is a little too complicated for me to get my head around (in other words, I have no idea what I’m doing :clown_face:).

When I get the time, I’ll give it another try and post my progress on here — that way, maybe someone could point me in the right direction? The truth is, there’s a lot about writing PKGBUILDs that I’m still unclear on, and very little (nothing?) in the way of ‘PKGBUILDs for Dummies’ on the internet. I tried to follow this, but couldn’t get my head around it enough to be sucessful:

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Version 0.12.0 works fine. Still a bit less fine detail compared to Hugin.
I compiled it on linux Manjaro, I got an error for one of the tests (20 - Stitcher pipeline defaults) but xpano seems to run fine.

@martbetz I’ll see if I can make a pkgbuild.