Can anyone provide a working build for macOS 12?

I’ve been trying to compile Filmulator on my M1 Mac myself, but I keep running into trouble with the dependencies. Did anyone succeed in building a Mac version for macOS 12.x? I was hoping to forget about this software, as previous appeals to coders didn’t result in anything, but since my photography workload is increasing, I am looking for a darktable alternative that will speed up my workflow and give images shot with my Leica Q2 the analog look that I love.

So… if anyone can provide a working build (with all the dependencies included in the bundle and addressed correctly, preferably a universal build for intel and M1) that I can simply install off a .dmg and use, I will be very happy. I’ll even pay you for your time, within reason, if that helps (on the condition that the build be made available for free to all others, and that @CarVac doesn’t mind).

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Let me add this myself: I’ve hired a developer to provide a macOS build for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Paying him 300 dollars. When it’s done, I’ll make it available for everybody (donations accepted to partly cover my costs).


I’m honored that you enjoy my project enough to put in an investment like that.

I’d be very willing to chip in if they can get a working CI pipeline running for me.

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I’m actually going out on a limb here, because I haven’t even used Filmulator yet. But I need a smooth workflow that will give me analog-like aesthetics, and I like the concept, and the (very few) results I can find online.

The developer will probably be willing to discuss his CI pipeline solution with you. I can ask him when he’s done. For now, I saw screenshots of the application running on his Mac, and he’s building an installer, first just for Intel Macs, later for M1 also.


Progress is made: I now have Filmulator running on my intel MacBook. Installed through an installer with all dependencies put into place automatically. More testing is needed before I make it available.

On my M1 it launches (still using Rosetta), but there are some errors, and there will be a native app.

In other words, the developer I hired is doing a good job.


More news on the Mac version here.