Can Retinex and Wavelets functionality be compensated in ART?

This is a follow up thread of a discussion in the RT forum. The question was: can Retinex and Wavelets functionality be compensated in ART in a way to get very similar results? So the question is more ART relevant and that’s why I am creating this specific thread in the ART forum.

@agriggio was so kind to ask in the thread above for an example. Here you go.
This is my raw file (DNG).
and here is my RT pp3
L1009415.DNG.pp3 (14.8 KB)

I created the attached RT preset for this.
bw_blooming.pp3 (14.8 KB)

If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks in advance.

thanks for sharing your example!
This is what I could get – it’s certainly not identical, but do you think it’s close enough? If not, what is it missing? Thanks! (The parameters are embedded in the jpg)


Wow, good work. It is very close to the RT version. I see a difference in particular in the tree at the end of the footpath. The contrast and the black differ from the RT version. Also there are slightly few more details in the same blooming area. But this is OK. I am quite happy with your result and can use this preset without to crank up RT in the future. Again, nice work. Obviously, you know how to use your own tool :wink:
I see the parameter in ART when I side load the jpg as a configuration file into ART. These are quite a few changes. Is there a main idea or are there any key changes what makes the photo look like that?


most of the changes were to match your initial starting point, and have little to do with emulating retinex+wavelets. For this, you should need only local contrast, texture boost and soft light.


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