Free editable masks

I am a happy user of ART as it provides free editable masks (area, brush etc). Imho a unique and very cool feature. But I miss the Retinex option and Wavelets in ART. They are able to create stunning results in raw photography.
But I don’t want to compare both Mother and daughter application. So my question is: are there any plans to introduce free editable masks in RT as provided in ART or plans to merge RT and ART?

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Have you tried the Local Adjustments in the dev version of RawTherapee? The spot concept, which uses deltaE detection inside a modifiable ellipse or rectangle, allows you to make very precise selections without having to draw complex shapes. The detection can be further refined using various masks and Excluding spots to protect specific parts of the image. Local Adjustments - RawPedia

ART aims at being a simplified and clutter-free RT, from what I have understood. You can’t win on both simplicity and exhausivity fronts, that’s the limit of this design choice.

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if you can share some examples showing why you are missing them, I’d be interested to check them out :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks, I did. To be honest, it is an overkill for me in order to process a couple of my hobby shots. ΔE-scope threshold, ΔE decay, ab-L balance (ΔE), Scope (color tools) and many more are not self-explanatory and makes it very complex. I guess it’s just my problem;)
When I pp my raw files I simply use the area or brush masks in ART as it is straight forward and very precise (for me). RT and the Local Adjustments follows a different approach. That’s fine but it’s too much for me as DIY bloke.

Thanks for that. I’ll have some more time during the upcoming week. Let’s see if I can find a nice RT-preset with Retinex and Wavelets in my archive accompanied by the raw file (DNG).

If you use it in Basic mode and leave “Show additional settings” unchecked it is pretty straightforward and a lot more powerful than its commercial equivalents. Depends on what you are used to I guess.
Andy Astbury @Andy_Astbury1 has done a couple of excellent introductory videos if you are ever tempted to give it another whirl.