Cannot find external hard drive on Mac

A newbie question: Have you had issue with using Raw on Mac. I have the latest 5.X vrersion on my Mac, and I have a seagate external drive plugged in. I can see the drive under the “locations” on Mac, but cannot find it via Raw Therapee. Has anyone had similar issue? Thanks.

Yes, it should be located in /Volumes

Also, welcome to the forum, Chris!

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very much appreciated!!!

Hello, Same problem with a PC, impossible to find the NAS that is networked. Thank you for your help

Hi! I have the problem with the version 5.7 provided by the Ubuntu Software Center (source: It won’t recognize or show my two external hard drives although they show up in the explorer and I can access them via other programs fine… Anybody got an idea as to why this is?

Hi, I am the maintainer of the flatpak for RawTherapee. Did you mount your external drives using the file manager? If so, can you try mounting them via the command line using the mount command and see if they appear?

Hi! They are mounted so I unmounted them and mounted them via command. Sadly still nothing. The problem is, that even the “media” folder does not show up. It works fine with the 2nd version of RawTherapee in the Ubuntu Software Center…but that one has a bug with the HaldCluts…sometimes showing them…sometimes not…in the drop down menu…

With the flatpak, you can override the sandboxing mechanism on a per application basis, which is nice.

For example, if your disk is in /media/user/disk, you can do flatpak override --filesystem=/media com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee and then relaunch the app.