Cannot find spot removal tool


Have just started learning RawTherapee. In the documentation ( Spot Removal - RawPedia ), it looks like there is a tool on the detail tab, but my version ( 5.8 Windows 10) does not seem to have it. Is it a different branch or am I just missing it?



It’s a new feature in RT 5.8 dev, you can download it here:

You can consider reading more at "Where to find the latest version of RawTherapee", and other questions

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a good reminder that we need some versioning information on RawPedia as well… Some label saying 5.9 or dev. Or an entirely separate ‘branch’ for a new release? @XavAL Just a thought.

If I remind correctly, RawPedia is supposed to explain the features and controls of the latest version, meaning the latest dev version. However I can’t remember if this is stated somewhere in RawPedia itself or it was @Morgan_Hardwood who told me.

Obviously the documentation is well behind the latest dev and doesn’t even have some v.5.8 features explained (like bundled profiles, CA correction, or Preprocessing WB). So I think having a separate ‘branch’ won’t be feasible at all.

Perhaps the quickest way to “fix” this is adding a new sentence in the home page greeting. Something along the lines of «this documentation is based on the latest features of RawTherapee, so there are some tools or controls only available in the development version».

But I’m afraid that if it’s not carefully written, it could be too long and may overfill the home page greeting.

Just another thought :wink:

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