Cannot post to ask a question

I also have an “am I being thick” question. I joined to post and ask a particular question but cannot find a way to do that. Can someone explain?

Hello @mde! Generally, you’ll probably want to post your question in an appropriate category.

We have quite a few categories (and sub-categories) - you can see a list of them here.

To start a new topic you can just hit the “New Topic” button on the top right of the forum:

When you get the composer/editing dialog, don’t forget to add a good title for your post. You can choose which category the post goes to from here as well:

The thing is I cannot see that “new topic” button. It was there when I first opened the forums but then disappeared. You use a completely unique forum generator and it doesn’t look like any I have seen before.

You don’t seem to have any trouble posting here. While this forum may not seem familiar to you it works quite well. Why don’t you:

  1. Explain the system you’re using.
  2. Ask your question.

I’m sure somebody will help.

Have you verified your account?

Yes. Suddenly after three days the problem fixed itself just as I asked my question …