Canon EOS R7 CR3 white balance issues

Manjaro Linux, AppImage of

I assume that the CR3 from the EOS R7 is not fully compatible. I am able to fix images such as this one with the eyedropper, clicked on the background.

As can be seen, the jpeg has a good whitebalance.

This is a somewhat dated AppImage of a Pre-Dev test.

Replying to my own post.

Using a current release version of RT, exposure is either completely white, or sometimes seems to work.

It would be helpful to learn what is happening with R7 CR3 files on RawTherapee.


Hi @Alan_E_Davis, and welcome!

I am sorry, but I really do not understand your question — nor your own reply :frowning:
Please elaborate!

I just fetched an EOS R7/CR3 from and ran it through RT.
No problem at all.

Might you use some kind of compression?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Are you using the 5.9 production release? I don’t think CR3 files are fully supported yet. I recently purchased a Canon R7 too and found other CR3 issues, namely there was no meta data available. So, I tried the Adobe DNG Converter which worked fine but there was the extra step converting the files. I have since installed a DEV build of RawTherapee from a few weeks ago and everything is working great now! You can download installable builds here:

The whitebalanceopt branch is 250 commits or so behind dev or release-5.10, I think @desmis was working on it back in July. I recommend using either of the other branches for CR3 support.