[Capture Challenge] Charge your battery and take some photos

I applaud the way you resisted the urge to do a long exposure :slight_smile:


Thank you. It’s because I’ve done lots of them in the past :grin:

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Didn’t we all… (** smashes his ND64 filter **)


A day at the races.

Photos taken yesterday :+1:


I was trying to get one of those “peek above the grass” shots but he never looked… Was too interested in his food :rofl:


I’m back in an office 5 x 8 but it’s still mostly empty. Rather institutional here but I do enjoy these old mid-century buildings for whatever weird reason


I particularly like the first one. It makes one wonder who sits in the empty chair… actually I suppose that might be you!

Having worked in IT before retirement, that’s a common sight – An empty office / cubicle before or after a move. While I was usually on the non-desktop (infrastructure) side of the house we assisted with mass moves more than a few times… all hands on deck!

My office is actually across the hall from that cube, I spent a year in a cube farm after we got brought back from COVID. Although my building is much older now but I’ve got windows that open in my office. Plus these old school bathrooms are cavernous. Hardly anyone on this floor as this building is set to be demolished or remodeled soon. I feel like the newer buildings are just stamped out of plastic. These mid century state buildings are made to last.

Hmm, Boomers filled with lead paint and asbestos, us millennials and the zoomers filled with microplastics and PFAS. Maybe we have more in common than we think.


I like these old buildings too, although I’ve never actually worked in one. In Canberra, the nearest city to me, there’s some old buildings which I imagine would be a bit like yours (guessing really) in prominent positions in the centre of Canberra. What’s unusual is that at least one of these has been vacant for years. I think it’s historical position and so on is why it’s still there. I don’t know what will happen to it. Actually it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so for all I know it may be gone.
This is a Google streetview screenshot - Anzac Park West.

As I tried to find out the building was called I found an article about it from a few years back, sort of interesting. Are Canberra's Anzac Park East and West buildings really abandoned? - Curious Canberra - ABC News

Edit - after going down a few rabbit holes, I discovered that it was sold in 2018, on the condition that it must be demolished within 30 years… :thinking: I forgot to mention that it’s twin building across Anzac parade is already gone, with a new and very modern building in it’s place. Progress I suppose.

Raindrops on the window…


Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US, where we eat until comatose, watch a strange variation of football, and generally revel in the four-day weekend. The traditional protein is turkey, and my wife does it well. This year, she couldn’t find a 25-pound turkey so she got two 16-pounders. Here they are, stuffed and bagged, awaiting the basement stove pre-heat to 350F:

Note the blue cast in the background, north sunlight. I like it that way, so there… :laughing:


I smoked a turkey last weekend for friendsgiving. 6 hours over hickory wood. Came out well


I smoked a turkey once, but I didn’t inhale. :turkey: :fire:

…sorry, old Clinton-era joke. :laughing:


another last rose

I like the idea of thanksgiving
would give some context to needed constructive criticism here

I like the tone of this thread. You can click the like button to your heart’s content (actually, going back through the thread, I found out there’s a daily limit… :frowning: ), or, you can start such a thread and make the expectations known right up front.

I just scrolled back through the thread to catch up on my likes, found it interesting how I could start to identify the photographer before I’d scrolled up to the top of the post - there are some definite style signatures going there.

Okay, waiting for those turkeys to cook, watching the light coming through the west-facing living room window, it really pretty-ed up the coffee table bouquet. Shot more of that than the family around the table, here’s one:


Just don’t have time to take photos these days :frowning: . Maybe next year when I have some annual leave again.

@elstoc Me too. I barely have time to take diagnostic photos for my current job!

SOOC Velvia with some GIMP adjustments. Still a bit dark, gonna edit it later but I think this is a decent rendition.


sorry , poor English meant by here the UK

e.g. might criticise not doing enough on global warming while appreciating how easy we have it in the first world: a political not photographic point

if I don’t get a picture then it doesn’t mean it is no good just that
I dont get it

Thought the images simplicity complemented others well though meat to some is like closed source to others

Maybe a misunderstanding provoked a good follow up picture

Some top drawer images on this thread

It’s a bit like a loop with iterations of wonderful images I hope the conditions for it to stop are not met soon

the more experimentation and risk-taking the better for me

think I should have another go too