[Capture Challenge] How many varieties of "things" in a given time?

Today I had a little over an hour to kill in the city, so I contemplated having a few interesting shots for the long existing thread. However I was struck with the variety of vehicles I was able to capture - vehicles on water, vehicles on land, aircraft, and 1 vehicle on a building, that I thought it might be helpful to issue a new challenge:

Give yourself a time-frame and a location - maybe an hour, maybe an afternoon. How many different subjects on a given theme can you capture within the time/location constraints? Then share your timeframe, location, and theme and some statistics, with a sample of one to three favourite captures.

So I sat myself for 1 hour on the Brisbane Riverbank opposite the Central Business District, and, as mentioned above, I found vehicles aplenty to photograph:

Watercraft: City-cat ferry (3 or 4 different vessels of the same configuration), Kitty Cat ferry (2 of these), SeaDoo /Jetski (1), Barge(1), tugboat (1)
Land-based vehicles: hundreds of cars/trucks/buses passing by (across the river on the expressway), ride-on-mower, giant tricycle. (I should have captured some of the numerous e-scooters and bicycles, too)
Aircraft: two different types
Building: window-washing platform, construction crane.


I like the idea of this one… will see what I can do… :thinking: :smiley: