Capture sharpening not working

Help required.

RT 5.8.3 installed via the official .deb package on Debian 11 (in Chrome Linux, but the problem has not occurred with other installs of RT)

I load an image for processing and, after demosaicing, it grinds away at capture sharpening (at least from the blue progress bar it would seem to be case) and nothing happens - when it finally renders I have a blurred, very unsharpened image to contemplate.

This is a fresh install completely untweaked.

Looking at the numbering (5.8-3), you installed the deb package that comes with Debian. I’m not sure what version Debian used to create this package and you might be running a RawTherapee version that is based on the rather old 5.8 (this one). Have a look at Preferences->About, bottom right corner should tell you a bit more about stable/development and version.

If this, running the old 5.8, is the case: You shouldn’t be using that version, It is old, has bugs and lacks support for a lot of the newer gear. All of those are fixed in the latest, all but 100% stable, development version. It also comes with some new features.

You might want to try the latest AppImage (Direct download links to the latest RawTherapee development version.) and see if that solves your problem.

If it does not, no harm is done (just remove the image). Do post some more info if this is the case, including if possible a RAW and sidecar example.

Appimages don’t work on chrome linux (nor do they work on suse tumbleweed) and for some reason,the dev version crashes the computer when I go to process an image to .jpeg - I wouldn’t have bothered installing the .deb otherwise.

It’s high time a proper release was made so proper packages can be built for the various distributions. At the moment RT is limited to a small club of computer savvy enthusiasts - which is not a way of guarateeing a long term future for it.

That said it doesn’t help me find the cause and remedy for the problem.

Not really.

Most current, development based downloads seem to be for Windows, no complains from the Mac/OSX users and the AppImage works for the fast majority of the Linux distros. But lets not digress.

Are you willing to upload the/a RAW and possible sidecar that shows this issue on your side? We (I) can at least determine if this is a global issue or not or if this is related to the old RT version. No point for you to dig deeper into this issue if it is due to RT being too old on your side.

I think the solution is somewhere in the .pp3 file.

I had opened an image I’d worked on in the RT dev version (which does everything except export to a .jpeg) and therefore which I knew to be good - and it came out blurred. So then I closed the .deb version and re-opened it in the dev version and it was still blurred. Then I opened another image which I haven’t previously opened in either version on this computer and it came up sharp as it should. So, in theory, the answer should lie in comparing the .PP3 files… at least, I hope so.

the image now blurred
PMAX1069.RW2.pp3 (11.6 KB)
the image that is as it should be
PMAX1078.RW2.pp3 (13.8 KB)

I’m going to do a little test by wiping the .pp3 file torce RT to give me a new one…

This is incorrect.

Nothing should hold you back to use a recent development build as is and have all the up to date functionalities.

Now uploading the .RW2 because I have a feeling it has been corrupted in some way - I wiped the caches of both versions and the .pp3 next to the file and the thumbnail reverted to the original embedded .jpeg as you’d expect - but the image, on opening in the dev version is still blurred…
PMAX1069.RW2 (23.1 MB)

I suppose I could goback tousing the flatpak version…which I hate

I’m afraid I am correct.

I switched to tumbleweed because Leap only gives versions which are way out of date and discovered that appimages don’t work. A significant part of my workflow was done using appimages but I’ve had to install packages.

You only have to google “appimages don’t work in tumbleweed” to find that there is a problem dating back around 3 years - there was a workaround but when I tried it I got a message that, even with admin privileges I couldn’t make the changes. Curiously I can use appimages from my admin account, but not my ordinary non-admin account - which defeats the security reasons for using an ordinary account.

I haven’t had the energy to deal with yet another forum to try and find a fix for it

see this discussion ART & Tumbleweed

But, like the proof of the AppImage working on Tumbleweed is right there? I wasn’t root (afaik) and it was as easy as downloading the AppImage, setting permissions to be able to execute it, and then run it. I’m confused. :person_shrugging:

In any case, this obviously does not diminish the need for a full release of 5.9. But that’s in the making.

I’m confused as well - there are some apps which only offer linux support via appimages Discord is the most prominent one I can think of and I can’t use it (I’m not missing much, mind), Zen desk notes etc. another…

Are you in a full install of Tumbleweed or a virtual instance?

About your blur and export issue:

If you look at your Wavelets levels settings you see that Process: Coarser details levels, excluding level is selected. This is not correct (well it is in certain cases, when dialling in tool settings).

When you are done with the wavelets module you need to set Process to All levels, in all directions. This also influences how stuff is exported, this from RawPedia:

When you export the image only the chosen level will be included in the final image so before exporting, make sure you select All levels, in all directions.

Read all about it right here: Wavelet Level, 4 General tool configuration → The process levels

EDIT What is shown and what can be changed depends on the tools that are active inside the wavelets module.

Just tried this in 5.8 (the old one) as well: Same correct result when setting it to All levels, in all directions result, but Coarser details levels, excluding level is still called Above the level in 5.8.

Thanks a million!

Just tried it - and yes that’s the error - don’t understand how it crept in, but I’ll save it to a profile to stop it happening again.

I would confirm Roel’s proof. Current dev-AppImage on Tumbleweed @ native hardware.

Sometimes 3rd-party AppImages might not run, but never had problems with “official” AppImages offered directly by the devs.

Believe me, if I can successfully download and run RawTherapee, anyone can.

Look I have something like 10 apps I was in the habit of using before I moved to Tumbleweed and if I try to open one I get the message “permission denied”. I’m not an idiot and I’ve been using appimages for years.

What I dislike about them - and flatpak and the other one - is that they take up more memory than properly packaged apps and you have to spend your time checking if there’s been an update. It’s a lazy solution for developers

Disks space is pretty cheap.

I have a shell alias that runs all commands necessary to update my system, so I can add things like flatpak update to it. But for flatpaks, if you have gnome software or KDE discover, they update themselves.

For me, its controllable. So when exiv2 finally supported CR3 files, rather than wait for the distro to update that package, we just updated the flatpak, and then it was enabled, faster than any distro got it to end users.

Are you in a ccount which has admin privileges?

If you’d read what I wrote you would see that appimages work for admin accounts, not for ordinary users. It’s something to do with low-level paranoïd security concerns. The appimage gets access to the system via a thing called “fuse” or “fuser” and this is denied to a non-admin user.

Warning: I’m a complete Linux noob, normally not even a Linux user. My user account is the one created at the installation and I haven’t elevated it in any way. So I would assume it’s an ordinary user account.

If it’s the only account on your computer then it will be admin (someone’s got to) if it’s on a network then the admins know a trick I don’t… I’m a reluctant competent user - by dint of repeated duck ducking for the most basic commands…

No network. It’s the only user apart from root. It’s not assigned to any group like wheel or whatever. I created a new user assigned to user group, was also able to start the AppImage. But my knowledge of Linux is already surpassed here.