Challenge for Lightstands

[Fun mode on] Hello!
After reading this thread First speedlight I just wanted to play with a speedlight again. Then I remembered why this was not really fun: it was because of how to position the speedlight in space.
I searched youtube for help and found this: Marcus Pix: Compact Lightstands which immediately made me try and do this with what I have.

So, I am using a super cheap tripod (15 Euro and roughly 15 years old) with a selfie-stick (40 Euro) that has a ball-head. The weakest point is the coupling where both parts connect as this is all plastic and very soft. But I can reach roughly 2 m and still tilt my speedlight without tipping over. I even had to attach my Rogue Lightbender when I discovered that the zoom mechanism in the light did not work any more.
Anyway, flash photography can be really fun and creates very different results than what I usually do:

Finally, I challenge you to show your cheapest, junkiest solution for holding a speedlight roughly 2m up with a function to let it face down. Human solutions are excluded. May the funniest solution win.