Color calibration guidance needed

I would like your opinions on what, if any, changes would you make to the color calibration of this photo taken on Mackinac Island, MI, August 2.

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Nice relaxing scene. My “artistic” view.

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that’s better than my quick attempt so i’m not going to bother posting it :slight_smile: for my white balance i sampled the clouds (or the lamp if you want warmer) in the colour calibration module. how did you choose your white balance?

edited with KTone_Vintage_Kodachrome lut

Color calibration guidance needed_IMG_6405.CR2.xmp (11.9 KB)

I first used the clouds and compared that to some other white structures. There was not much difference, so I stayed with the clouds.


I also used various readings from white structures. What puzzles me is that the street is asphalt, and neither I nor my wife recall it appearing that brown. It looks as if it is covered with a layer of dried dirt. We remember it as being grayer, but maybe on this street it was brown.

Nice edit, though. Thanks, Thomas.

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That’s an “advantage” I have. I did never seen the location in real life. So I called my edit “artistic” because I did not care for realistic colors. But I liked the atmosphere, so I aimed for a bright and colorful edit.

Edit: so the asphalt in the edit of @Suki2019 might come closer to reality.

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Thanks for posting, my try
darktable 3.6

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Here’s my go… I picked a shady spot near the Great Cornholio’s royally profound forhead for the grey balance… a spot where there is less cast from the sky, and fairly neutral-grayish underneath. A bit more red and blue with the Chromaticity by Hue tool in L*a*b for a postcard-pop look.


Tried to keep the asphalt greyish. For my personal taste, I would slightly increase color-temp in WB (to ~4600) to get a little warmer colors for sunny pics.

DT 3.7
IMG_6405.CR2.xmp (20.4 KB)


mackinac.island.cr2.xmp (12.8 KB) darktable 3.7


I played a bit with LUTs here and find Fuji Velvia 100 fits very well here. Of course I changed some things before I applied LUT.

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darktable 3.7.0~git773.936ee1e125-1


Nice contributions, all. One thing I didn’t think of is that we were looking at the street through that same blue, middle-of-the-day sunlight. Perhaps that’s why it appeared grayer than it actually was.

Mackinaw Island does not allow any motorized vehicles on it except for emergency vehicles. Not even electric bikes. This shot does not show the other primary form of transportation: horse. Street cleaners come by all day long and sweep up the horse manure, but some residue remains. Over time, enough of it would affect the appearance of the asphalt, I suppose, until it rains.

The island is located just east of the juncture of Lake Huron with Lake Michigan, two of our five Great Lakes, and around 250 miles, 408 km, north of where we live in Michigan.

Perhaps Boris and Suki2019 could leave links to the luts they used.


Under " RawTherapee Film Simulation Collection" is the link.

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IMG_6405.CR2.xmp (42.8 KB)

Here’s a look at this pulled from the web:

Might be after a recent rain. I dunno.


Hi ,

I am new on the forum.

@s7habo How did you manage to use rawtherapee’s HALDCLUT in darktable ? do you use 3dlut module in darktable ?


In preference, set 3D lut root folder, then you can use them in lut 3D module.


@SDRO , Welcome to the Forum!

@apostel338 explained that above.

In this case, yes, because the scene asociated me to some photos, but I usually don’t use it. I find it better to do your own color grading.

Thanks for your responses,

@s7habo I am used to apply some lut that i m also using for editing in Davinci resolve. I have to admit that i have difficulties with the 3dlut module. I tried in display referred workfow, in scene referred worflow before and after filmic and the result is different, better or worse depending on shot. Can you tell me how do you use it ? is there a reliable way to place it in the pipeline ?
I also try to reproduce the effect of lut in color balance RGB but it s not so easy for a noob like me :wink: