Color Calibration Problem

When I use the ‘color-calibration’ function with the color-picker, the entire image turns red (as if only the red pix are used).
The ‘white-balance’ is correctly applied … so that is not the problem
I have eliminated other functions that may have been the cause but the problem persists.
When I then select the ‘daylight’ option the problem goes away but the auto set from the picker is a bit of a nuisance.
The problem is seen in the last 3 versions of the git that I have installed.
Manjaro/Arch/XFCE dt ver: 4.5.0+786~g1439bb0eb6

RAW file please.

All raw files!!

Please upload one of them.

DSCF2616.RAF (48.2 MB)
Can this be a Fuji sensor problem?

Thank you.

Can this be a Fuji sensor problem?

I do not think so.
Both RawTherapee and vkdt handle that image correctly.
I have not yet understood what happens in darktable, though.

Check your spot color settings… Should be 50 0 and 0… this setting is sticky so if you forgot to manually reset it you will get weird results with the picker until you do…


Brilliant, @priort! You are much more skilled than I am [grrrrrrrr].

Not a chance… :wink:

OK … OK, where are the ‘spot color’ settings?

CC module

Hiding in plain sight… :grinning:


OK … I finally found that I needed to double click on the gray patch … now all is well … only slightly frustrated!

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AP made this and exposure mapping sticky settings so if you forget to manually reset them then your picker values are always making a reference correction using those settings… its a gottcha that gets quite a few people… module resets and program restarts don’t clear it…

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Not sure about that 100%… make sure the values are 50 0 and 0 if not you are still not correctly set to use the picker for wb…

Yes, I did reset the sliders and all is well now … however, I do think that the sliders should automatically be reset every time that the function is reused. (Or did the developer have something else in mind?)

The idea is to allow colour matching between images, so you capture the colour of a specific object in one image and use it to match the colour in another image. It can’t do this if the module resets between uses. However, IMO, if the spot colour mapping section is collapsed, it should default to grey (or else the spot mapping section should have its own independent colour picker).

The original developer strongly disagreed with this, but he has his own fork now, so I guess it could be revisited.

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I was thinking of doing an IF (lightness !=50 | hue !=0 | chroma !=0), then show the warning


spot color mapping not default

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I had a frustrating issue with the color calibration tool.
Every time I use the Area picker, my images turned completely black. The only way I could resolve this would be by resetting the module, to at least get my image back.
The module was working properly if I did not use the picker. The area color picker I have never used, or understood (read : dived into it) so it was not my first thing to suspect.
But I could not find anything else wrong, so I almost issued a bug report.

Luckily, I came across this tread and was able to resolve the “issue” by resetting the values of the area color mapping.

I understand that automatically resetting the values in the module wil render the intended functionality useless, but It would have helped me if a warning would be displayed that the “area color mapping” is non-default.
And / or you can reset the values to default by a button which is not grayed out when non-defaults are set.

Anyway, the latter is more of a feature request.

For now, I am aware now and are able to troubleshoot when this happens again.

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