Color Test - Are Your Eyes Calibrated?

Here’s my try. :slight_smile:


I got a perfect score on this, as usual. My color vision is pretty good.

2 for me. Weakness was in the 37-38 slice. Male of indeterminate age.

I got two, deficient in the 25-24 slice. But doing it on a crappy Android tablet, soooo not sure if I fully believe in the results…

I am glad that everyone who posted thus far has good screens and / or eyesight. For those of you who revealed your colorblind spots, we now know how to send secret messages without you being the wiser – muahahahaha!


I got a 0 (on a cheap phone). I’m pleased with it as it’s one good thing about my otherwise poor vision.

Calibrated :slight_smile:

I got bad results, then I though nah must this old monitor, then I got even worse results in the good monitor, then I opened a bottle of wine and nailed it… even without a monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

PS <== Another (timed) colour test - hue, sat, analogous, complementary, triadic, etc. Would love to see people’s faces when they first do this one, ja ja ja

The last test (tetradic) was a bit tougher.

Took the first test again, this time in my phone, and now I got 0.

Tried the second test, but the interface is too finicky on a small touch screen for me to be able to do it properly.

I scored 0. Dell UltraSharp U3011.

I think the last time I did one of these I got one or two squares wrong.

Weired, I have the exact same result !!!

With a weak dell laptop from my work…

0 on a Google nexus 5x

that’s impressive! :clap::clap:

I was running out of time, especially for the last two… I think I misclicked one, and a couple of times I was forced to click even though I knew that the colors were not perfectly matching, simply because time was over…


Yes my lower score in the tetradic test was because I ran out of time too. I’m sure with more time everyone can get a 10.

As with a run-of-the-mill eye exam, with these tests, one can train to be better at them or employ strategies to enhance the score. I think the timer is an attempt to prevent that to a certain extent. It would probably be a good idea to take an average score of a few tries on both tests.

And as I hinted above (and people have done), take into consideration the type of screen, color management, viewing conditions, how long the screen has been on and how tired your eyes and mind are.

Also, there is no shame in getting a less than perfect score. Our differences are something to be celebrated!

well I agree with all you say. the timing aspect is definitely part of the test, I was stressing it just because it made it much tougher for me – sorry if that sounded as an excuse :stuck_out_tongue:
that’s why I was genuinely impressed by Sebastien’s score!

Maybe he had a cup or three of :coffee:.

0 on my calibrated screen.