Compiling Luminance HDR in Linux

The script handles compilation and updating git.
Getting the dependencies is up to you.

  1. Download the script:
  2. Make it executable:
    chmod +x build-lhdr
  3. Run it:

Great script! Thanks for that! (I see now that I’m quite late for this party, but… oh well.)

For fellow gentooer’s, the Qt depencies that I needed (I had nothing from Qt before) were as follows:
dev-qt/qtconcurrent dev-qt/qtcore dev-qt/qtwidgets dev-qt/qtwebengine dev-qt/qtxml dev-qt/qtsql dev-qt/qtsvg dev-qt/linguist-tools dev-qt/qtprintsupport dev-qt/qtdeclarative dev-qt/qtwebchannel dev-qt/qtgui dev-qt/qtdbus dev-qt/qtnetwork dev-qt/qtxmlpatterns dev-qt/qttest

Don’t forget to add the “widgets” USE flag for dev-qt/qtwebengine :slight_smile:

There is a script to compile it from source in our github repo, contributed by @Morgan_Hardwood.

Pull requests are accepted if things aren’t working for you!

Script updated.

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Script updated, now subsequent re-compilation of a given branch and build-type will be faster.

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Hi, I’ve tried downloading the script using the instructions above, only for the following error to come up:

brian@Giger:~/Downloads/Graphics/LuminanceHDR$ ./build-lhdr
./build-lhdr: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token newline' ./build-lhdr: line 7:

Not sure whether this is an issue with my system or not. I’m running Ubuntu Mate 17.10


  1. Have you tried starting over?
  2. Which shell are you running?
  3. Paste the sha256 of the file.
    $ sha256sum build-lhdr
    d4992bb73c0fd8e70fc00e33904877c5313fe533ed5d08e31981ce7131ca9afb  build-lhdr

Thanks Morgan, I think the script must have got corrupted when I downloaded it as this is the output from the sha256sum:

a91c3456b8d88a36bc26861064f5d5a811e297d017541b38e1e7217d83eac08b build-lhdr

Will redownload!

The script has worked this time. I think the first time I downloaded the script by right clicking on the link on my web browser, rather than downloading via wget.

But redownloading, and I now have a working Luminance HDR 2.5.2-Snapshot*

Thanks again, @Morgan_Hardwood :slight_smile: