Luminance HDR 2.5.0 released

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

Luminance HDR 2.5.0 has just been released.


  • NEW: New tonemapping operator ferradans11
  • NEW: New tonemapping operator mai11
  • NEW: Better HiDPI support
  • NEW: Better CLI interface, also for Windows
  • NEW: “Fast Export”, which renders current image in full size
  • NEW: Export to HTML (Create a webpage with embedded HDR viewer)
  • NEW: Optional automatic adjustment of LDRs levels
  • NEW: List version of supported cameras for RAW files (and some libraw info)
  • NEW: New UI “Dark Theme”
  • NEW: Switch UI Full Screen (F11), show LDRs and HDRs Full Screen (F10)
  • NEW: Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • more robust hugin align
  • Fix various crashes
  • greater EV values range in HdrWizard
  • better printing support and print preview in HelpBrowser
  • restore load/save curves in HdrWizard

Compilation in Linux:

(Andrew Clarke) #2

Is there going to be an OSX version available of 2.5.0 ?

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

It’s like asking whether it will rain - if the clouds gather, it rains.
Luminance HDR’s code is cross-platform. If a macOS user with philanthropic tendencies comes along, there will be a macOS build. Maybe you’re the one?
Compilation instructions here:

(Andrew Clarke) #4

Thank you for your reply, In the past there has usually been a OSX version available for download, but suddenly there isn’t with this release, that is why my question. I would surmise that the OSX packager is no longer active with this project.


See the link below about how to install in Ubuntu using a ppa

(Brian Innes) #6

@go-go-go that ubuntu ppa for the latest Luminance HDR looks rather handy.

While at the moment I’m running manjaro linux, I’m finding it’s taking a lot of time to get it set up / hardware installed (That’s probably mainly due to me being too used to the ubuntu / mint way of doing things, rather than an issue with manjaro / arch). So I may end up rolling back to Ubuntu…

(Franco Comida) #7

That screenshot looks a bit outdated to me (missing icons)!!! It looks to me ubuntu ppa package hasn’t been built from the final tarball. If icons are missing in the system icon theme there is a fallback mechanism, so now all icons should be displayed…


Just finished a mac build, try this one if you can.