Contrast threshold

(Syv) #1

RT 5.5 appimage.

  1. The detail tab > sharpening: the contrast threshold runs up to 200.
  2. The detail tab > microcontrast : the contrast threshold runs up to 100.
  3. The transform tab > resize > post resize contrast threshold runs up to 200.

I was told sometime ago that the 3 should be matching/similar (can’t remember who). Does this mean that the microcontrast value should be 1/2 of the others or in the same range when the other values are getting close to 100 or over 100?



(Ingo Weyrich) #2

I just pushed a fix.

(Syv) #3

Thank you, it’s very appreciated.



@heckflosse I believe I have asked about the contrast threshold before (it was regarding demosaicing) but I don’t remember how it works exactly. I know I can look at the code; however, I prefer it to be in words or pseudo code.

I am not very good at separating detailed areas from smoother ones using G’MIC ATM and would like to learn how I can improve. Let’s take [PlayRaw] Sailing Scene @ Garda Lake as an example. The water is very choppy and if you look at some of the entries it is like sandpaper after some tone mapping and sharpening…

(Ingo Weyrich) #5

@afre So you want to know how it works, not which settings to use in RT for this image, correct?