Convert Cube LUTs to HaldCLUT format

Is there an easy and reliable way to convert LUTs in Cube format to HaldCLUTs on Windows?
I have a bunch of film simulation Cube LUTS I used in other apps and I would like to use them in ART.
It would be cool that ART supported the Cube format in the future but I don’t think is going to happen anytime soon as RawTherapee doesn’t support this format either.

Any ideas?


Try this:


Both Gmic and imagemagick can do that. I don’t remember the exact commands but @snibgo and @David_Tschumperle should be able to help

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I have heard that ImageMagick can do this. It certainly has code to read (but not write) .CUBE files. It should work like this:

magick in.cube out.png

… to create out.png, a Hald CLUT.

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With G’MIC :

$ gmic input.cube r 64,64,64,3,3 r 512,512,1,3,-1 o output.png
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I should have said this can be done in batch, to create a png file from each cube file:

magick mogrify -format png *.cube

I don’t use cube LUTs, and can’t check that this works as expected.


Thanks for all your answers!

An Amazing color grading software, it is a pity that isn’t a version for Linux.