Creative Commons Licence

I see that it is preferred that any images presented here have a Creative Commons Licence. Upon looking around to find out exactly what is required to accomplish this, I haven’t found much of anything that’s very helpful. So, lets say I want to submit an image for Play Raw. What do I do to the raw file? I’ve looked at the exif data from a few, but not all, of the raw files that I’ve worked on for Play Raw and found the Copyright fields empty. So that doesn’t seem to be the answer. So, exactly what is the process to add a Creative Commons Licence to a raw file, or a jpeg for that matter?

When you attach the file to the post here, also include text declaring that the file is creative commons licensed. If you’d like, you can add it to the metadata, but it isn’t required to add it to the metadata.

We ask that the file is creative commons licensed to protect ourselves and our users from any potential malicious claims. Also Free Software goes well together with free culture.

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Also, in Creative Commons website you have a good interface to choose the license features, it outputs a text to paste on forums and webpages, all nice and dandy

I generally point to PlayRaw stuff to keep in mind, and don’t add the metadata because

1. I am lazy.
2. I don’t see the point to something that could be altered.
3. We have a community here to confirm the source.

On a related note, 500px has just decided to no longer allowed creative commons licensed work on their site (500px will no longer allow photographers to license their photos under Creative Commons - The Verge). Mostly, it seems, because they want to make profit off of all the pictures people have uploaded to their service.

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And while metadata can be added to PlayRaw and similar files, this should not be done to raw files, that need to be provided unchanged, out-of-the-camera. Like files, that cause problems with some software, or samples, uploaded to