Cuba Retro Cars

This Picture was shot in Cuba. I tried to give it a filmic look.
Looking forward to see your edits.

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With the tone equalizer I was able to do what I’ve stuggled to do with filmic - to give some pop to the highlights while remaining those nice gradients and soft shadows.

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Try the brilliance in rgb CB is you want to boost the highlights…it is also a tool depending on the look you need for that purpose…

Which is why you have both filmic and tone equaliser…
For me, filmic has one task, and one task only: get the image dynamic range (as modified by e.g. tone equaliser, exposition, …) into the display dynamic range as nicely as possible. Any non-global change of tonalities has to be done before filmic.

Note how filmic has no no-op settings (at least for v5 and before), so no way to use masks and such. That might mean is was never intended for localised changes (either affecting part of the tonal range, or part of the image area).

Thank you for the play:

edit with darktable, GIMP and G’MIC:

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Brilliance also changes saturation. In this case I only wanted a luminance adjustment for the highlights.
Thanks for the tip anyways.

Thanks. In theory maybe but adjusting the brilliance in highlights had no more impact than the tone eq when I tried it…used a colorchecker and set markers on a few patches…monitored lch and adjusted brilliance and adjusted each patch by scrolling up and down on the tone eq over the patch…really was not much difference observed. The tone eq is a great tool for sure but I find using the brilliance sliders is a nice touch on many images to enhance color contrast mostly or just help to lift shadows a bit or dumb down the highlights… in the end the best tool is the one that works for you…

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I love it!

My try with dt 3.8.1

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It was just my quick test. Seems like the effect I observed was only because brilliance effected a wider range then the settings I used with the tone equalizer. If you adjust the color balance highight range results are very similar.

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My version…

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Darktable 3.9.0~git24.477bc5c41a-1

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I really like this one! How can this look be recreated using darktable? I have gotten close but not quite there yet. On a related note: When you see a look you like what are the things you look for to reverse engineer someone else editing process?

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with Filmulator

  • Highlight Recovery 2
  • Exposure Compensation -0.5
  • Shadow Rolloff Point 0.017
  • Film Area 48.4
  • Drama 65.4
  • White Clipping Point 0.609
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_MG_0321.CR2.xmp (10.0 KB)


Thanks for posting
darktable 3.8.1 + 3D LUT

Cinematic-3.cube (rename the following file with the .cube extension before using it)
Cinematic-3.txt (864.3 KB)

_MG_0321.CR2.xmp (11.0 KB)

thx! dt!