Custom theme TooWaBooBlue 1.09 update (08 Mar 2016) (Gtk3)


New RT version 4.2.880 has the latest TooWaBlue theme buildin.
Open preferences and select TooWaBlue.

For RT version 4.2.849
RawTherapee.css (v1.09)

For RT version 4.2.730 or higher
RawTherapee.css (v1.07)

For RT version up to 4.2.699
RawTherapee.css (v1.03)

Backup the original first, so you can go back without a new installation.

EDIT Update v1.09 (08 Mar 2016)
Update for RT 4.2.849 or higher

EDIT Update v1.07 (28 Feb 2016)
Update for RT 4.2.730 or higher
Changes: Fixed histogram

EDIT Update v1.06 (18 Feb 2016)
Update for RT 4.2.730
Changed RGB-bar underneath the histogram to light grey for better reading

EDIT Update v1.05 (13 Feb 2016)
Update for RT 4.2.730

EDIT Update v1.04 (11 Feb 2016)
Update for RT 4.2.730

EDIT Update v1.03 (10 Feb 2016)
minor fixes
removed the dashed scrollbar indicator

EDIT: Update v1.02 (01 Feb 2016)
minor fixes

Now it’s possible to easy change the blue color into your favorite color.
Open RawTherapee.css in any text editor. At the beginning you’ll find the following text.

/*** Change me *** rgb(red,green,blue) *** allowed values from 0 to 255 for each color ***/

@define-color accent-color rgb(35,99,166);      /*** Highlight/selected color for List, Dropdown menu, Borders ... ***/
@define-color text-hl-color rgb(210,210,210);   /*** Highlight/selected text color ***/

@define-color accent-color2 rgb(35,99,166);     /*** Slider, Progressbar, Scrollbar, Tab indicator ***/

@define-color accent-color3 rgb(35,99,166);     /*** Selected thumbnail background color ***/
@define-color text-hl-color3 rgb(210,210,210);  /*** Selected thumbnail text color ***/

/*** Change me end *********************************************************************************/

Simply change only the numbers to the numbers of your favorite color. Save it -> finished. :slightly_smiling:

cu TooWaBoo

How to use a Custom Theme (Gtk3)?
How to use a Custom Theme (Gtk3)?
(dngimage) #2

Very nice, great job. Thanks!
I like how the histogram looks now.


Great job. Thank you


I’ve been using RT for about 6 years now along with several other well-regarded commercial photo processing programs. During this time, and especially for the last year or two, RT has blossomed into an incredibly versatile and powerful photo developer that can handle just about anything that is thrown at it. I’m not particularly gifted at photography and often shoot a lot of photos that have really cruddy lighting issues; many, many times I can’t get a good result from these with any of the other programs but then RT comes to the rescue and quickly turns out a good result!

And the new interface is as clean and attractive as anything out there.

Guys, thanks for all your time and hard work on RT. There are many, many of us silent folks out there that really appreciate your efforts!


Thanks guys
Maybe tomorrow I will update version 1.02 which makes it easy for everyone to change the blue to any color.

cu TooWaBoo


New update 1.02 in first post

(Andrew) #7

Ed, are there any particular tools or techniques within RT you’d mention regarding improving lighting, please?

(dngimage) #8

Already using TooWaBooBlue 1.02.
Thanks TooWaBoo! :slight_smile:


New update 1.03 in first post

Have fun :relaxed:


New update only for RT version 4.2.730
11. Feb. 2016

(Cyril LAPORTE) #11

Thanks, it looks nice !
I ask here because nobody does : is it possible to include your theme in the orginal RT? I mean directly?

(Sebastien Guyader) #12

@TooWaBoo thanks for the custom theme, I used it as a base and tweaked it to fit my preferences :slightly_smiling:
I have a question, not sure if it’s the right place: I’m sure you know that for the Gtk3 builds, in comboboxes when the text strings are longer than the width of the comboboxes, the text overflows (extends outside of the box). It doesn’t happen in Gtk2 builds.
I searched the web, and saw that in CSS there’s a “overflow: hidden” option which is supposed to hide the overflowing part of text, but when I actually don’t know if this can work in our case (I tried but either it destroyed the current theme, or didn’t do anything). Any idea?


The Gtk-css is veeeeeeeeeeery limited and doesn’t support all standard css-styles. This can’t be fixed in the theme.css. I guess, this has to be done in the rtgui files.

Right now the theme selection in RT-Gtk3 is broken. If the developers want to inlude my theme, It’s up to them.

(Morgan Hardwood) #14

I would like to include it. I haven’t had much time recently so I haven’t fixed the theme selection yet.

Regarding the overflow, I still haven’t received confirmation whether the problem happens in the default Gtk3 theme in Windows, or only in TooWaBlue. The default theme works fine in Linux.


It’s not theme related. The org. theme has the same issue.
Wait until tomorrow befor you include my theme in RT, 'cause I’ve made some more small changes.

PS: I like the name TooWa Blue :grin:

(Sebastien Guyader) #16

@Morgan_Hardwood it happens also in Linux with the original theme, and not only for the Color rendering intent combobox. I can reproduce it for example in the profile selector “Faded Chocolate 2 TM Bright” (it’s a long text string) and shrinking the right tool panel to it’s minimal width so that the combobox width gets smaller than the text length -> overflow.

(dngimage) #17

The new TooWaBooBlue 1.04 is blueing along here! Great work! :sunglasses:

(Morgan Hardwood) #18

Then it seems like the overflow bug is either caused by or only appears in Gtk+ 3.18(.0?), as I cannot reproduce it using 3.16.7.

(Roberto Tolin Sommer) #19

Great work!!! Rawtherapee is my prefered raw converter and use it 99% of the time. The only thing i miss in it is the integration of lensfun. The noise reduction tools are incredibly good.
The blue theme is a great one.



The new version 1.05 is online. You can change the licence aggreement and copyright note to anything which is necessary to include it into RT.