darktable 2.6

why not use the version from the OBS? it is built with the same files being used for the debian build.

Most probably not. But I am sure it’s all from PPAS, nothing installed manually.

That’s the OBS darix and I mentioned - so I guess, it’s time to switch from the PPA to the OBS. I was just wondering, why only the PPA for 16.04 didn’t received the update. :wink:

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I just tested my self compiled version against the one from OBS, and I found that the self compiled one is by order of magnitudes faster. Any idea what’s wrong with the OBS build?

Probably nothing. Repositories use generic CPU optimizations for SSE2. Self-builds use optimizations for your specific architecture/processor.

If your CPU is recent and supports AVX/AVX2, it can give a serious boost to the performance.

But that could also come from the compilation environment (for example, missing dependencies disabling support of multi-threading or OpenCL, or different compiler).

No, it’s an old X240 from Lenovo. Both use multithreading.

What I also observed is that darktable seems to no longer use the embedded jpeg of unedited raws for preview, is this a recent change or am I wrong?

Check your preferences, there is an option to use embedded camera thumbnails or use the raws to process them internally.

The option is un-checked, meaning it should take the embedded jpeg. I’ll investigate further, but not today, it’s late already.

I must say this version 2.6 works perfectlty and I have noticed no bugs comparing to all versions used before. Really, devs, consider collecting donations, even if they provide you with just one more beer. Your work is worth being paid for either way!


Thanks! Nice to hear that especially since 2.6 has a good load of new features.

I second that. For the last two or three years (at least) darktable has had a bad tendency to crash when importing images. I reported this quite early, but no one seemed to have a solution so I just stuck with it. Now in 2.6 this has so far not happened even once: It’s been rock steady. That alone would have made me satisfied, and then all the new features on top of that, things couldn’t be better :slight_smile:

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Can anybody give indications on how to make builds for specific architecture? What I’m able to do is to do simple builds on my machine from latest git master cloned from the original repo. I.e., launch build.sh and then install…

What are the options available, where to check, what to activate etc (my laptop is a Dell XPS15 with i7-7700HQ@2.8Ghz Kabylake / Geforce GTX1050)?

I’m just going to start a journey on the DT, but a bit difficult to get started with and I’ve stuck with it a while, but don’t want to lose it because I hope Darktable will be the best free alternative to Lightroom. :blush:

Dear @lisa,

I hope, I am not OT in this thread with such recommendation…

There’s is a bunch of brilliant tutors on youtube, like (but not limited herto) Robert Hutton, Riley Brandt, Harry Durgin, Bruce Williams…
Check them out and you become a dt-pro soon :slight_smile:

I got a like by boris, even I forgot his :blush: :slight_smile:

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Excelent!!! This is very helpful!!
Thank you AxelG!!!

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Welcome, I am happy, if I also can provide something back to the community :slight_smile:

I recently updated from 2.4.4 on Linux Mint to 2.6.2 on Solus and really like the improvements – thank you for the continuing effort!

But since this update I have a minor issue with the lens correction. My camera (Fujifilm X-T10) isn’t recognised any longer and does not appear in the list of this module. I have to choose the X-T1 and select the lens manually, which works, but I wonder, if anything has changed there or if this might be a dependency problem on Linux Solus?

Lens correction is provided by the lensfun project. It’s possible that Solus doesn’t have the latest version. Try running ‘lensfun-update-data’ as root. This should get all the latest lens profiles from lensfun.

you can also run it as normal user just fine.


This fixed it. Thanks! Although version 0.3.2, which should be the latest, was installed, it doesn’t work correctly, but after updating with this command it works just fine.