Darktable 2.7 (dev) Windows builds


In this topic I will try to post fairly regularly windows builds from master branch of Darktable.




@r3cov3r Welcome to the forum. That’s awesome!

Very kind of you. Thanks!

Many thanks. It is really very kind of you to offer the windows build.

I very much apreciate this.

Thanks, I’m very happy to try the new version. I had unsuccessfully tried to compile it in a Mac environment but I couldn’t.

Thanks @r3cov3r. I have successfully installed your version on my Win 10 laptop.
I just want to point out that you have shared your file through Megaupload. It tried to download completely different executable file for my first two attempts of hitting the Download button. It gave me the right file the third time. Have you considered using Mega file hosting place? I found it to be far better than other file storing places and it gives free 50GB storage space.

I don’t know why it happened to You. I haven’t had any problems yet with Megaupload.
Regarding mega.nz, it requires to create an account etc. For me it’s just easier to upload a file to megaupload and get generated link to share without creating any accounts.


I tried your link again and I got this the first time

Second time, it closed the connection and I hit the Reload button then the download window popped up:

Since you are so kindly planning to keep uploading the latest version, I thought that it might be better to have a robust file host.

@r3cov3r since users also requested us to list Darktable on FossHub we can add it and provide you an account. We have POPs all over the world, and the upload/download is fast. You can automate the release process via CLI/API or use the UI - we should max out your ISP upload speed. Plus there is no bandwidth limit, and we replicate your files in several places.

@shreedhar - we don’t have such ads and you can use an ad-blocker.

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Do you mean You want to provide Darktable Windows dev builds on FossHub ?

I will try to create account on mega.nz today and upload latest dev build there.

@r3cov3r we can do both and you will have everything stored in one place. Here’s an example:

Stable version

Dev Builds/Beta/Nightly version

We will also store all the older-versions automatically, when you publish/release a new version the previous version is sent to the old repository:

Old Release Section

Under your account you have access to both projects including the old repository. Easy and fast.

If you want an account just use our “Sign-Up” or the “Contact” form and will setup an account for you as fast as possible. Thank you!

I reuploaded file to mega.nz

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Hi r3cov3r,
Thanks a lot for this !
Your build works perfectly on my Win10 systems! :wink:

New build darktable-2.7.0+1232~gc799b8673-win64 has been just added.


Thanks again r3cov3r for the new build. This is very much appreciated.

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Many thanks @r3cov3r, the download was fast and smooth too. Thanks again. Because of you, (building the program was outside my scope) I have finally started to understand darktable.

We added Darktable on FossHub.

We can give you full control, and you can also upload Windows builds there if it is easier for you. I think we’re faster and easier to use than the mega mirror.

As for the download, there is no extra-step, here’s how the direct download work - it will serve the files in the browser:

darktable direct download for Windows
darktable direct download for macOS

I can set up an account for you (multiple release options, stats, etc.).


Thank you for uploading Darktable on FossHub. But please take into account that I am uploading here only dev builds. I am not responsible for creating official windows stable releases.


New build darktable-2.7.0+1423~ga63dd508e-win64 has been just added.