Darktable 2.7 (dev) Windows builds

No worries, we can keep the official Windows stable releases updated - unless a team member wishes to take over.

Same, we can set up a page for the dev builds on FossHub and you can upload them there. As I said a few times, you should be able to upload quicker (automate the update process), and the users download faster. I don’t want to insist too much if you want an account just PM and I will send you the credentials.

P.S. We can disable the single ad we have.

Thank you!

Many thanks again for the new Windows build.

New build darktable-2.7.0+1477~g7740b7a8c-win64 has been just added.


Thanks again. Your effort is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.
Maybe there was someone doing the same job in macOS !

if you need a current osx build including #1904 toneequalizer: MEGA
maybe you need several restarts until opencl is activated :wink:


Thank you so mach, it works very well.

Thank you very much!!

Hi r3cov3r,
Many thanks !

Hi all, first post in this forum. Great place to get information and ideas.
I want to ask how the procedure to post the darktable 2.7.0 (dev - windows) is handled. Does this follow a specific rule or just build it and post it.

Just build and share. @r3cov3r has been making windows builds.

Thanks for your build, @r3cov3r
Do you plan to include a Tone Equalizer in your next builds ?


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Tone equalizer isn’t in master yet, and probably not suitable for every day use at this point.

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toneequal doesnt compile using msys/mingw64 yet: several

error: the call requires ‘ifunc’, which is not supported by this target

recent commits have also changed the handling of parameters so that previous edits with toneequal have disappeared. Therefore, it is not yet recommended to use it outside of tests.


This is amazing! Thank you very much!

@peerSr Welcome to the forum!

Thank you.

New build darktable-2.7.0+1594~g19ad3239a-win64 has been just added.


Thanks again @r3cov3r for sharing the new build.

After installing build 1594 the snapshot compare slider line wasn’t showing up after selecting the snapshot. I went back to build 1477 and it showed up and worked fine. Not sure if anyone else has experienced the same issue.