darktable 3.4.0 - filmig rgb - dynamic range mapping question

A question about darktable 3.4.0 filmic rgb - the new dynamic range mapping chart:

What exactly I should aim for?

Below a screenshot from Boris’s really good video using a dev version. He changed the parallelogram shape (left) to a trapezoid (right).

Is that the aim? And if so, what are the finer details one should look for?

It would be also great to have a 3.4.0 update on the workflow, like →
darktable 3.0 for dummies (in 3 modules)
darktable 3.0 for dummies: hardcore edition
A live edit video, focusing on fast workflow

I’m pretty sure Boris didn’t change the diagram to be a trapezoid - he moved around the silders until the appearance of the image met his expectations.
Don’t rely on numbers - you‘d better look on the image you‘re processing. The diagram simply show how the dynamic range of your scene is pressed into the limited dynamic range of your output media. And the dark area indicates the tonal range that’s kept linear.


Look at the picture and aim at making it beautiful. The graph is to explain what happens, not to dictate what should be done.