darktable 4.2.0 released

We’re proud to announce the new feature release of darktable, 4.2.0! The github release is here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-4.2.0. As always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz file. The checksums are: $ sha256sum darktable-4.2.0.tar.xz 18b0917fdfe9b09f66c279a681cc3bd52894a566852bbf04b2e179ecfdb11af9 darktable-4.2.0.tar.xz $ sha256sum darktable-4.2.0_x86_64.dmg 89308cb7222ec0d0b539771dd90284e98b35bae4b53c8f3aa1b2feb861536b82 darktable-4.2.0_x86_64.dmg $ sha256sum darktable-4.2.0_arm64.dmg 7cbc03cc0e9a4a1769e4321815ed99384de8c063990eb5d746ffbd7599e32193 darktable-4.2.0_arm64.dmg $ sha256sum darktable-4.2.0-win64.exe 748e617d36f810890fcc7829fdf0e9999da2906b20293a2ac919808f80709e27 darktable-4.2.0-win64.exe When updating from the stable 4.0.x series, please bear in mind that your edits will be preserved during this process, but the new library and configuration will no longer be usable with 4.
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Congratulations on the release! :tada: So stoked!


A very big bravo for this fabulous software, a very nice team work, Thank you, thank you, …

Greetings from Brussels,


WOW, I didn’t know it was Christmas Day already! Hurrah!! :smiley:
There are so many goodies here given us users as presents in the new 4.2 version, that we’re really getting spoiled. The 4.2 version obviously will stand as a really great dt issue – really a monument of the force in FOSS.

Thank you very much to all developers and those providing various supporting actions with manuals, notes, web-pages, packing, translation, QA, answering questions here in forum and what not!


We changed our release dates to Summer and Winter Solstice, so you get it a bit before Christmas now.


Thanks everyone! This looks like a great release.


Thanks for the release. But I am unable to open Sony ILCE-7RM5 RAW files. I thought it was supported.

An endless thank you to all darktable developers for create this great and addictive piece of software, this release comes with excellent and unique tools for develop our raw files.


Wonderful, and many thanks to all the developers and volunteers! :ok_hand: :+1:

Zero thanks to MS that still tries desperately to keep you from installing it :man_shrugging:

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Had an upgrade on linux mint to 21.1 cinnamon today, and the new 4.2 .0 darktable release is working as it should on it , so tnx very much to all devs.
Merry Xmas and a happhy newyear…

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Maybe not compressed raws Is that what you tried?? I am just guessing

It is absolutely amazing how every new version of Darktable has me giddy like my kids on Christmas Eve!

This has become a rare occurrence in my life as a jaded software developer. So thank you, for putting the joy back into software!


Thanks to all for this great piece of software

Thanks about the 4.2.0 for everyone involved! Releasing it before Christmas was a nice bonus, since now I have a couple of evenings time to play with the new version before I’ll be away visiting family :slight_smile:


Is this automatic? I looked through the settings, but couldn’t find anything.

It should be j in the string of opencl config values and it is currently disabled by default.

ya lossless. Looks like Darktable to does not support lossless compression and has no intention of adding it. I don’t want to loss information by shooting in compressed and I can’t just shoot in uncompressed raw, due to long term storage. Will have to look into converting to TIFF, or just moving to lightroom.

@The_year1500, converting to lossless compressed DNG is an option.

DT relies on rawspeed so if and when this gets supported you will be able to use that. DNG should be fine if you want access to the DT software. I don’t think those compressed formats are straightforward and open source folks wont get the same access to documents for support as Adobe would…

Curious will ART open them??

What Franklin said

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