Darktable 4.2 ISO 12646 Colour Assessment Tool variance over v4.0.1

ISO 12646 Colour Assessment Tool

Have I inadvertently changed something?

The first Image is of a v4.0.1 edit on a Win10 64-bit PC

The second Image is of a v4.2 edit on a Win10 64-bit PC

The third image is of the same exit on V4.2 but zoomed in.

The white border around the image being edited has grown dramatically in the v4.2 edit, diminishing the size of the zoomed out image proportionally when toggling the Colour Assessment - which I don’t like.

Any help would be appreciated in understanding if this is a local problem or a new format.

Many thanks!

I believe it was an intentional change to improve the accuracy of the assessment.
I don’t remember where the discussion I saw was though.

Hi Steven,

I am wondering if that is the case as a member of an alternative DT Forum on Facebook had alluded to a similar thought, but would be good to run it to ground. Many thanks for the prompt reply.

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No probs. Welcome to the forum btw :slightly_smiling_face:

I found the thread I was thinking of: darktable 4.2.0 released - #53 by kakashy
It’s a bit drawn out, as there’s a few things going on in the thread…
@hannoschwalm might be able to fill you in a bit more if needed - I’m no expert! :wink:

This was in my to do list for a GitHub Issue. I finished getting the information around it and posting it today.

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I was wondering whether this is more or less of a problem depending on screen resolution. I have a 2K screen now, and I find the new bigger white border works quite well but looking at other peoples screenshots I’m not sure that this is relevant.

The idea is that you want most of the background to be mid gray, not white. In your monitor, it is mostly white, so not ideal.

That makes sense… I wonder if the dark grey of my dt theme (classic IIRC) kind of compensates for the white. Probably nonsense :laughing:

Many thanks Steven. That’s good enough to satisfy my curiosity. I was more concerned I had found a bug or more importantly had inadvertently changed a setting.

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@123sg: on your screenshot, grey around white frame is small. You can increase it on darktable preferences, darkroom tab (size around image).

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Unfortunately this setting only has an effect in „normal“ mode. In color assessment mode, the grey frame stays narrow no matter what frame size you set.
Not sure if this is intended behavior or a bug …

Thanks for your feedback. I never test that setting on color assessment mode so didn’t know that this has no effect. grey frame size on color mode is so not set, except by white frame size, so grey frame size only depend on resolution and white frame size (so nothing intended for grey frame nor a bug). See @g-man link issue on Github for that mode, there’s some discussion to improve that mode. Hope it will be done for next release. Will see.

Many thanks for the feedback :+1:

Just for my clarification.
As much as I can understand from the messages on the topic, as it is (version 4.2), the white border size cannot be changed. Am I correct?
And if I’m not correct, how can that be done (perhaps changing some settings in one (or more) of the configuration files of Darktable?..)

Best regards,

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The white border always had a fixed size and it cannot be changed regarding mode behind and ISO 12646. What as changed is only size between releases. Old way probably too small and new one probably too big. That what is discussed.

Thank you for the clarification.
Will wait for it to be made smaller in one of the next releases.

Best regards,

I just did a PR to try address this. Images of before and after in the PR.


Thanks for reply in helping to clarify this issue :+1:

Hi gi-man

I see the description you make of the modification on the darkroom.c file to achieve the change of the white border, is at this stage, is what I think I would like to have.

Now, I have checked my windows installation of Darktable 4.2 and nowhere I can find a darkroom.c file , or the folders src/views/ that conduct to it.

Can you, or some kind soul point me into where this files is?
Or if the settings you describe are located in another file in the windows installation?
Or else, if in the windows installation, this file / settings do not exist at all?

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards,

The c file is used by the compiler to create the executables. You will need to compile from source. Or wait for the change to be merged and compiled by the team. Once it is on master, there are nightly builds(compiled versions of the latest), that you can download and install.

I cancelled my change request since there was no agreement on the approach. I’m sure we will do a better solution, it just going to take some more time.