Darktable - 4.4.2 how do I restore the row of thumbnails, at the bottom of darkroom view? (Solved - Thanks)

For some reason, I am no longer able to view the thumbnails of images in a collection, in the darkroom view., at the bottom of the screen.

Was this feature removed in 4.4.2?, and if not, what have I inadvertently turned off, and how do I turn it back on?



Open your darktablerc file, search for “filmstrip” and make sure the value is set to true. Restart darktable.



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Strg+B, maybe twice.

Keyboard shortcuts can hide/reveal the film strip. Ctrl+Shift+B and Ctrl+F could be worth trying.

Wow - thank you ever so much. This solved the problem. How the filmstrip variable was set to FALSE, beats me.

Anyway, most important thin, now resolved.

Thank you.

Once I had enabled the filmstrip variable in darktablerc configuration file, and restarted darktable, then Ctrl+F could do what it was supposed to do in darkroom, toggle the filmstrip visibility.

Thank you

Thanks. Appreciated.


May I add, I love darktable. For one like me who takes photos occasionally, and has off seasons, where for months, I may not take any important photos, darktable has been an important part of my existence. Really taken my photography to another level.

About three years ago, it would take me maybe 30 minutes to edit a single image. With Base Table, which was tedious to use.

With Filmic or Sigmoid, and the revised workflow from version 3.0, while there is so much to learn with each revision, now I spend only a few minutes per image, sometimes no more than 1 minute.

I have tried to use Ansel, but the changes were too many for me, and familiar workflows that were second nature to me, are no longer supported. Many thanks to all involved in keeping darktable going.

For me - darktable just works. Quick edits, or as detailed in the editing features, as most people would ever need.

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Ah - wow - I like that! Since I moved from .deb to flatpak - this disappeared for me too. While it did bother me it was never enough to search and ask. Very much appreciate the advice!


I 100% agree. Dt is a great program. It can also be so fast for standard edits. Copying settings from one image to the next is a great time saver when shooting images at the same location when travelling.