darktable 4.6.0 released

In addition to what @Pascal_Obry tells you, you have the documentation on how to import images here:

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thank you very much.
now it works.

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Good to hear! And sorry to have let this slipped through 4.6.0 :frowning:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Looks like a great set of updates, I wonder if it’s worth asking Fuji for details of their lossy raw format, Capture one were offering a free version which Fuji were promoting on their site, thats going to be withdrawn on Jan 30th, I imagine it’s the versions of Capture one express for all camera makes, but if there are no free options now for reading the lossy raws Fuji might be a bit more open to supplying details of the format or contributing some code, I don’t know

It is supported by LibRaw, so it’s not completely unknown. What’s missing is the right developer resource for RawSpeed.


A big thank you! :pray: Darktable is for me the most convenient and most powerful tool. Not only for careful sculpting the images, but also for fast, yet high quality edits of large batches.

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I’m looking forward to work with it.
Thank you. You doa great job. You can be proud of it.

Thank You to all the developers!

Unfortunately, on my pc darktable crashes ( the application quits without any message ) when I click on import|Add to Library… Any suggestion?

without any informations on your system, the imported images or a backtrace no one can give suggestions.

Did it make it into their non-non-public release?

OS is window 10. I just installed successfully the software. The crash occurs as soon as I click on “Add to library” button in “import” section. The application quits without any message. I’m not able to add any image. How can I launch darktable in order to give you more informations?

This says it did almost 2 years ago…

I’m really so impressed by and grateful for this new version also.
Thanks so much to all developers, packagers, documenters, translators and whoever makes this happen! :grin:

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrates so!

Maybe darktable 4.6.0 released - #20 by Pascal_Obry ?

I already checked the settings, the parameter is already set to false.

On the same pc the 442 version works well

Please open a new topic (or, even better, an issue on GitHub) for this (but please search first, in case someone has already done so), and post a crash log.

Follow this link.

My problem is that i can’t really generate a crash log, or I don’t know how to do it

Thank you g-man!! I located the log file generated by darktable!

Here you are the lines about the crash:

version: darktable 4.6.0
start: 2023:12:22 21:19:42

Magick: caught exception 0xC0000005 “Access violation”…========================================