darktable 4.6.1 released

We’re proud to announce the new corrective release of darktable, 4.6.1! The github release is here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-4.6.1. As always, please don’t use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz file. The checksums are: $ sha256sum darktable-4.6.1.tar.xz 16edc0a070293e2d3cda4ea10e49bda9bde932e23f9e62e2fa2e7ac74acf7afd darktable-4.6.1.tar.xz $ sha256sum darktable-4.6.1-x86_64.dmg a7676fb36f208a41e026d806a0408d2364251d843810fd7dc2003e251ae09773 darktable-4.6.1-x86_64.dmg $ sha256sum darktable-4.6.1-arm64.dmg 145a11c3965b4c5cc2c53c9277f5896569fe55c05f2445f3185de94cd9667585 darktable-4.6.1-arm64.dmg $ sha256sum darktable-4.6.1-arm64-macOS-12.5.dmg 18315e904d655a22294c2eefaac5e815365e4717c4887c9ead1453b6d74d66be darktable-4.6.1-arm64-macOS-12.5.dmg $ sha256sum darktable-4.6.1-win64.exe b77657db6a64282123a172f374ae581c72bb2b44a5b1257bc8d93afa04a716d3 darktable-4.6.1-win64.exe When updating from the stable 4.4 series, please bear in mind that your edits will be preserved during this process, but the new library and configuration will no longer be usable with 4.
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Can we restore the text?

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I’m assuming “feature release” means “bug fix release” for this one!

Thanks everyone involved for your excellent work!

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Indeed, fixed in darktable.org announce and GitHub.

Also, why the two arm64 packages for macOS? @zisoft

This version have Camera support for Canon EOS R6 ?

Welcome! The R6, yes (but not Mark II).

Also, why the two arm64 packages for macOS?

The darktable-4.6.1-arm64.dmg is the package officially built on github runners. It requires at least macOS 14.

Let’s KISS to avoid confusion and only use one release workflow (AFAIK we don’t have an “official” release one on GitHub yet, therefore it should be your local/manual one as usual) and one package per platform, please.

@Pascal_Obry I think it would be wise to remove this package, and rename the darktable-4.6.1-arm64-macOS-12.5.dmg as the only one supported. Let’s keep the process identical for patch releases, please.

Ouch, any news about the release date for MarkII support ?
Thanks for your reply

as soon Canon R6mII is supported in libraw or rawspeed it will be supported also in the following darktable release …

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I found a strange behaviour after updating to 4.6.1; it seems as if the straighten module is always active. Whenever I right-click and drag, in any module, the image is tilted to align with the line I just drawn.
Did anyone else experienced it, or am I doing something stupid?

Seems to be the same for me. Interesting…

Confirmed. Can you start a GitHub Issue?

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This has been a feature for several versions now (don’t remember since when exactly). So it’s working as intended.


I didn’t notice it if it was like that in previous versions, but I presume it qualifies as a feature then? It is not a problem, only unusual

Yes this is intentional and working as designed


In the 4.4 release notes (darktable 4.4.0 released | darktable):

A global right-click-and-drag operation has been added to allow image rotation to be corrected without first opening the rotate and perspective module. This operation can be used as long as the currently-focused module does not already use that shortcut for another purpose.


Any idea when the OBS releases get updated?

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On rawspeed looks as available: