darktable-4.8.0-arm64.dmg vs darktable-4.8.0-arm64-macOS-13.5.dmg

Hi, I cannot find anything in the MacOS installation notes which explains exactly when to use which one of the above two .dmg files?

Is the “13.5” version meant to be used with any MacOS after v 13.5, or only for v 13.5?

I am using the latest MacOS, v 14.5.

thanks for any clarification.

it’s the minimum supported version - the untagged package is built with github runner and requires at least Sonoma

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Thank you, so you are saying that darktable-4.8.0-arm64.dmg is the package for me as a user of Sonoma 14.5.

But also you are saying that darktable-4.8.0-arm64-MacOS-13.5.dmg will also work for me, since Sonoma 14.5 exceeds the minimum requirement.

I wish they had labeled them more definitively.

You and me both. IMHO, there should be only one macOS arm64 installer, and I already warned about creating confusion when 4.6.1 was released@Pascal_Obry @zisoft