darktable 4.8.0 for older macOS versions (10.14 & 11.0)

the official packages requires at least macOS 13.5 so here are inofficial builds with target release 10.14 and 11.0:

darktable-4.8.0_arm64-macOS-11.0.dmg (macOS >= 11.0)
darktable-4.8.0_x86_64-macOS-10.14.dmg (macOS >= 10.14)

like my development builds (current OSX Build ) this package contains some additional lensfun data from Kameratrollet .

Since 10.14 and 11.0 isn’t supported and tested by the development team, don’t forget to backup first…

The packages aren’t codesigned so you might run it first time via right mouseclick + open or allow execution via terminal: " xattr -c <path/to/application.app> "


Thank you for providing (always) a dmg-file for old macOS releases, this is very much appreciated! I am still running on Monterey and my HW is just too old, to get a newer macos.