current OSX Build

current build: darktable-2.7.0+1553~gd6885a244 including tone equalizer!2SxklICD!A78Ip4dX4DQF_dv8yQyP7IMQ1-CAYOjuhChOjzcOWJk


Thank you very much! It works very well in my macOS Sierra.

current build: darktable-2.7.0+1571~ge1793b257 build with updated toneequal. You’ll lose toneequal settings from former build:!fTB2xYQQ!CE7qfTSNWY9eKh0LwYWD1l6M1e0JAZ4wMEc4uT0Ta6Y

Thank you. I use only your updated builds :+1:

I think your work deserves a few more comments. Is it possible that no other Mac user appreciates this new version?

there are some osx users who build the dev version, test it, report bugs etc.pp.
Since the build description in is up to date, most osx users build their own development version.

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I do, I do!

Thanks, many times over, Martin.


Since it might need several attempts to get the kernels compiled at first start of a new version to enable OpenCL following little script can do the annoying stuff:

while true; do 
 str=`/Applications/ | grep "OpenCL successfully initialized."` 
 if [[ $str =~ "OpenCL" ]]; then 
  echo "openCL enabled"

current build: darktable 2.7.0+1613~gb4716385c with #1904 toneequal:!GKhw1QzL!N3BuwHdXtO_AVIh2lQngB0PAFG0WtYTysoRews8SKXg


Also taken this, thanks :grinning::+1:

@MStraeten thanks for the build. I was able to get opencl to work with this one. Time to give this a spin on my Mac hopefully all is well and I don’t need Lightroom any more. So far Lightroom has been the only thing with any performance on my new iMac with 4k screen.

Current master darktable-2.7.0+1634~g69d3d18fb without ToneEqualizer:!rCwUDK7I!UTx-MToU_7Xj9oAc4rsYq5RbzvmZclO_JGVwGYNHunM
Current master darktable-2.7.0+1713~g1b00719fa with ToneEqualizer:!3KgwgKYR!7nvpC8NvWynYqwgNpxHqNEJ-idDNPajS4eMxmulgmm8
There’s a warning when using the toneequalizer (not aligned pointers) but toneequal works fine indeed - maybe there could be segmentation faults, but i never had one …

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after a longer memory bug fighting phase it’s time for a new OSX build containing the latest Tone Equalizer Features:!reJHTYbS!FzIvMNIXfNAzogEU2IXPYKteCCCXTzHTSoeRK42OE4I

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Thank you for your sharing work :+1:.

current master plus toneequal and filmic v3:!uS5wiAyC!w9uozc1rdiceuPDxoHyHXpz-7j2T716l-QSbqjdIdwc

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Your work is always welcome, thanks.

here current master with recent merged toneequal:!vGxjXAbL!4h5MXwZrOmW4z7ST9LxRZ5P2OKxrk8z5T0wufrHN6Vc


pure master from yesterday afternoon (darktable-2.7.0+1890~gf70a03ab3):!TbRxnISb!-uo3e-CoxJsnSyXtWNfwoaomo2p4bb607up3yLA-anM