Darktable classes? Advanced Learning?

I love darktable but I am nowhere near an expert. Anyone know of any classes or other learning methods? I’ve read the manual, I’m not even proficient at tools like lightroom meaning I don’t really have the post processing foundation to apply to darktable.

I’d even be willing to pay someone to tutor me one on one.


Thanks in advance

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Hi @kevink-propaas,

Why not start with a few of the tutorial channels that are available?

Search this forum for tutorial darktable,
then use duckduckgo to search for darktable tutorial,
especially those by Bruce Williams, Harry Durgin, and Boris Hajdukovic.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


I couldn’t agree more!

you could search for @RileyB 's tutorial https://www.rileybrandt.com/lessons/


I was asked for libre graphics workshops at next years SCaLE conference. I’d be up for doing them on the internet on some sort of video conferencing software, if people are interested.


hi @kevink-propaas,

the best way to learn is with a practical example. I recommend that you send us a photo perhaps as Play Raw and I would be willing to edit the image with darktable and explain the steps to you in detail.

Maybe we could introduce a new PlayRaw tutorial category where you could, for those who want to learn, explain the processing steps in detail @paperdigits?

I would definitely be ready if I have time to help people learn there.


I’m fighting with Darkroom/Darktable now. I’m a 70 year old retired software designer/engineer with years of both front end and back end experience, from low-level C-codes socket daemons to Java and PHP front end GUI to various databases.

Rawtherapee is easy. Darktable has a steep learning curve. It’s hard even for guys like me. But well well worth it.

How menu items accidentally get hidden and/or activated isn’t at all obvious at first. And there are so many of them (so many choices). I’ve been using Brucetube (Bruce Williams on youtube) for how-to-do-it now and Harry Durgin for future, someday inspiration.

Make your eyes narrow. lower your chin. Tighten your butt and charge forward with determination. It’s working for me.


That sounds great. I’ll find an image with multiple elements and
upload it today

Thank you…

wouldn’t it be great to found an open source photography institute? LOL
probably just a matter of money and sponsors…
recently I read that Microsoft is supporting Open Source and Linux

Microsoft is a Linux Fundation platinium sponsor.
It is very pragmatic and pure business. It is for Azure. Few years ago they started comitting code to linux kernel to have good support for their virtualization. They just need linux for windows now :wink:

If you’ve got any questions about darktable just let me know. I create weekly tutorials. If you’d like me to edit/showcase on of your pictures then please send it to me. I love creating tutorials on request and/or editing other people their work!