Proposal for a new category similar to "Play Raw" but as a tutorials

The tread Darktable classes? Advanced Learning? gave me the idea to propose a new category for beginners but also for advanced users who want to learn how to use different tools we have here.

We already have [Play Raw] category, where you can learn well, but I can imagine that many beginners , on one side, can see the variety of possibilities and corresponding results, but, on the other, do not necessarily know how to get these results because they lack the necessary knowledge.

I can also imagine that many do not dare to ask because they think they must first master the basics.

Accordingly, I suggest that we open a new category where experienced users can help beginners learn how to use software. And since you can learn best from concrete examples, I think it’s good that those who want to learn something - similar to Play Raw - give the example pictures and the experienced users process them and explain the process in detail.

I still have no idea how to name this category, maybe something like “Tutorial Requests”.

I’d like to know what you think about it?
Does anyone have an idea how to name it?

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How about Progressive Play Raw or Play Raw - Progressive.
Indicates the progression of the raw image into its final form.

How about learn raw…


I don’t think we need a new category for this. Just post a picture in /processing , ask for help, and tag the response as #tutorial if anyone provides an explanation worthy of being called a tutorial.
I’ve nothing against a /processing/tutorial sub-category.


I think the idea is a good one.
But how to use a certain tool is only a part of the problem.
Personally, my dilemma is not so much which tool to pick,
it is rather “what on earth can I do to make this shot interesting”.

If you see what I mean.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi @Claes,

In my opinion, this should be one of the focal points of the tutorial. Many people don’t know it yet, and they think it’s because of the tool that they can’t get good results. :wink:

I would do that. Grown tired of tagging tutorials…

I think a tutorial sub-category would attract OP’s who want to post tutorials rather than those asking for help.

If everyone wants a tutorials category, we can certainly do that. As has been mentioned before, there are a few problems with that, one being that the tutorial gets mixed in with other content, and two is that a forum, while it provides the freedom to just post the content, it isn’t great for surfacing that content. The other reason is that there isn’t much quality control.

Surfacing the content is why we have the articles section at the main site, Anyone is free to submit articles and tutorials there. It is a process and there might be a bit of a delay from authoring to posting, but there are quality checks in places and surfacing content is much less of an issue.

I generally try to pluck things from the forum, formalize them, edit them, and post them to the blog. Its a lot of work and sometimes life gets in the way.

I’d like to commend @gadolf, who recently published an article on the main blog and is the driving force behind getting the siril tutorial up to the main blog too (it was also helpful that @sguyader’s original write up was through in the first place, many thanks to him as well). @asn had also published a few things and incorporated feedback after the original publish to increase the usefulness of the article. Kudos to him as well.

I think the forum is a good place to test things, gather feedback, and refine. I don’t feel like its a great place for permenant storage of information and tutorials, its hard to surface content, especially older content, and the there is a lot of noise in the signal.

We would be happy to facilitate whatever the community finds useful. But we have also thought about these problems at great length and tried to put in place solutions that solve he problem as best we can.

I sort of think that right now github and got are standing in the way of others contributing. You don’t have to use github or git. @patdavid and I regularly use to draft stuff. Others have used google docs or etherpad. looks awesome. Then I just check the content into our git repo and publish it.


all of that … + if you want to develop an article together in the forum you can mark the post as “wiki”

I think a category or wiki post would facilitate that.

you would need a wiki post per article and you can just do them in the “on topic” category for the article.