darktable dev reist nach Österreich

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to visit Vienna. I never got the chance until now, given that I only need a laptop and 4G to keep doing what people pay me to do (digital nomad, yeaaah).

So I am planning a 2 weeks road-trip to celebrate Spring, for end of March/beginning of April, through Bayern and Austria during which I want to:

  1. meet people,
  2. take their pictures,
  3. speak German again (slowly),
  4. walk in places,
  5. code stuff in dt.

Now I’m wondering if there are people on the path from Nancy to Vienna, who would be interested to meet, show me around, and perhaps have a guest room I can rent or trade for darktable’s or image processing masterclasses. That could be a good opportunity too for those who struggle with weird bugs we can’t reproduce, so I could have a look directly at their computer.

Thanks !


You should try to meet Mitch from the Gimp team. AFAIK he lives in south Bavaria. He is a nice and interesting guy, very good programer with a lot of gtk knowledge.

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I only know about @pk5dark in Vienna - maybe this could be an opportunity for a meeting? I think he knows other darktable users in the region. There are certainly more libre graphics users, maybe even developers here but it is kind of difficult to find them… Unfortunately I only know either Linux people who are not really into photography/graphics or Adobe photographers. Well, there is also Simon Repp (he’s on meetup.com, in the Vienna Libre Media group), he’s a Blender user.
I don’t know… I go to photographer’s meetings regularly and I know a lot of Viennese photographers, but I never meet people who even know about open source photography apps. Most people know about Gimp, but so far I only met one who actually uses it occasionally. I even know some programmers who are also photographers but they are kind of not into open source.
There are certainly more people but we’d need to think about something to find them.

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Yes, I’m working in Vienna, but reside outside.

Although photography is an on/off hobby for me, I’m open for any kind of activities.

Well, I wish it would be so, but I haven’t met any darktable user in Vienna within the last 7 years. But that doesn’t mean anything.

The later might be the target group to address for obvious reasons.

For sure there are many users. But they will never show up in such a forum. In the darktable flickr group, I’ve noticed a few darktable users originated from Austria.

Google gave me even a course for darktable to be held in an adult educational center in April 2020. The instructor seems to be “professional photographer” in Linz. On the way from Linz to Vienna there is another photographer offering courses for darktable and gimp.

A good question how to get in contact with people … and if there is interest in a meeting.

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I’m really not willing to play the preacher and convert people. To each worker his favorite tool, people happy with Lightroom will most likely despise darktable, and I’m fine with that.

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Well we certainly cannot force anybody to use open source software. Can we? Apparently many are happy with Adobe and not interested in alternatives.

If you would want to meet Viennese photographers it could only be about meeting other photographers.

Maybe you would want to talk about some darktable related topic at the Metalab (it’s a hacker’s and Linux people’s place)? But this is just an idea, I am not one of the organizers there and I see that their calendar for that period is already almost full.
I wonder how many people would come… A few months ago there was a workshop about editing photos with Krita and there were maybe 20 participants, about one third of them was female. I am not sure how the workshop was advertised though.

I would be fine with just informal stuff like meeting in a café or a bar and talk to people. I’m certainly not ready to give formal talks in German for now.

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The Krita workshop was in English if I remember correctly. English is no problem at the Metalab but it might be a little problem for 1 or 2 of those Adobe people. So, I mean if you really want to talk German you would probably want to meet the Adobe folks, but probably they will switch to English too.

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oh no - everything is closed, including the Staatsoper, Musikverein, Albertina, Stephansdom and KHM

for now until end of March, but I guess this will last until after Easter

I think I am starting to feel like I am living in a dictatorship

Edit: apparently there are situations when dictatorship is good.


I got 2 packages of toilet paper in the third store. If I die, my body will be wrapped in toilet paper.

I have the impression that many people don’t take this crisis seriously, although some are panicing which is not good either.


In France, here, it’s panic. Today you can’t find a bag of noodles or a bread in stores. I wonder if people are aware that panic is more deadly than disease. Especially since we are talking about a pneumonia that doesn’t require anything more than rest in 80-85% of cases. It’s no black plague.

Anyway, project cancelled I guess, since I might have to slaughter the stupid mammals that roam the streets, to get my food in the next weeks…


People are morons :confused: If you go 1st thing in the morning, right after opening, there shouldn’t be anybody in the store except staff and you an make your shopping normally. In Poland store owners are limiting buying spree :wink:

Not at all. Not at all unfortunatelly.

Rather something like virus that gives you hardcore pneumonia + in many cases immune system freakout.

Both sides are dumb. People need to take it seriously enough not to ignore everything set in place, but it isn’t end of the world either…

Huh… black plague can cause pneumonia :slight_smile: But that black-plague pneumonia is nightmare-lvl pneumonia and needs antibacterial threatment immediatelly :wink:

But maybe once this blows over you can extend your trip as far as to reach Poland? Or maybe up to Chech Rep? There are some beautiful landscapes there and great places for backgrounds if you preffer shooting portraits :slight_smile:

Since my contracts are cancelled and I have enough time I managed to get hold of two rolls of five-layer toilet paper today and am making 10 rolls of single-layer. 8 are for sale. Anyone? :sunglasses:


Maybe it’s time to reveal to the world that Covid-19 is not about diarrhea :smiley:

about 30% have diarrhea, too.

No, enlightenment is bad for business :wink:

some fun facts for the light-hearted folks:

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Planning for lock-down, the French are currently forming close queues at the entry of food markets to be sure to grab enough. Not only are they probably helping the virus to spread, but they are also putting stress on the food supply chain, that is not designed to sustain such urgently disbalance.

The light-hearted are currently the ones not causing unnecessary panic.


Or maybe many European countries waited way too long to act. as the articles from Alberto said … when Wuhan had lower numbers than France or Germany. It was already in lock down. They learned from SARS. We didn’t.

What ever travel or party or what ever you have planned. Delay it. Stay home. Stay safe.