darktable on two monitors


Hey all together,

I remember, my topic was an issue time ago but even with the search function I couldn’t find it…

I’d so much appreciate, the second screen, many guys may have, would do something reasonable in dt… ?

As I remember, the preview on top left corner and its calibration was a potential issue… However, I could accept or have the big wish:

  • this preview on the main screen (if necessary)
  • wanna have any use of my first screen (24" in my case) e.g the right (and left) side panel, with much more than just 350px
  • on the second screen (27") as much as possible of the picture which is in work…

Am I that alone with my dreams, which gimp somehow could do :blush: :blush: :slight_smile:



New interface in darktable 2.7 (dev)
(Martin Scharnke) #2

Hey there @AxelG,

This is something I have also wanted off and on. I have two nearly identical monitors - one 27" and one 28" - that have identical physical screen height, so they work very well alongside one another.

One thing I have done is to stretch the darktable window so that it is mostly on the left monitor, and the right-hand side panel is on the right hand monitor. Then I collapse the left-hand side-panel where possible - this gives me almost the whole left monitor for the image.

This has come up previously, I know. Others may remember exactly where and when. One of the issues raised was that even with colour-managed hardware and two identical model monitors, you may get inconsistent results. Since I haven’t taken the time or expense to colour-manage that wouldn’t trouble me. I know that, even when set to the same temperature my monitors (both by the same manufacturer) appear to have subtle differences.

I, too, think that the various floating windows of GIMP which would allow for the tools in the sidebars to be positioned at will and the photo-edit to take up the whole of one monitor would be a very helpful option for some, but not according to the taste of everyone.

So no, you are not alone in your dreams. However the implementation of them would not be a trivial change, I fear.



(Mica) #3

You all just need an ultrawide monitor, then problem solved! :wink:

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(Martin Scharnke) #4

In a government office a few weeks ago I saw some curved monitors that seemed to be nearly 4:1 in their display ratio - they seemed to curve about 45 degrees - and immediately had gear envy.

A 300-600mm super-telephone lens is a higher priority for me that updating my monitors, however!

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Dear @martin.scharnke,

my monitors are not that near in size and even worse, the resolution is different. So only detachable panels would work for me.

I remember now the discussion about colormanagement. If I don’t get it wrong, it shouldn’t matter that much, if the panels have a bit different grey.

Yes we have the preview window on the left panel, seems that’s what I memorized/undeestood and hence said, it can stay on main screen. Actually I could bear if that little one is a bit off.

As you said as well, gimp can place toolbox at will, that’s what I’m after.

@paperdigits you are right. As long I use zoom, the monitor is too little :slight_smile: besides I’m happy with my EIZO. Wide Gammut can become costly on bigger screens.

BTW: both are calibrated user-system-wide and dt has colord off (yes color is different)

Does it make sense to start a new feature request?



I couldn’t help trying it again :blush:

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