Darktable RW2 Files Error: edit Lumix S5II Raws

Hi everybody!

It seems like I´m not the only one with this problem, however I couldn´t find anywhere how to solve it so far.

The Raw files (RW2) from my Lumix DC-S5M2 won´t open in darktable (version 4.4.2) with, saying it can´t read the white balance information. However as far as I know darktable should be supporting the camera/ the RW2 files. Are those 2 different things? A RW2 sample picture from the original S5, that I downloaded from DP review opened without problems. Doesn´t darktable support the S5II?

Thank you very much for reading! :slight_smile:

Hey @Leon welcome!

Each camera needs to be specifically supported (with a general exception for DNGs, though that can be problematic as well). So we explicitly support the S5 RW2 flavor, but apparently not yet your camera’s RW flavor.

Can you see if we already have samples from your camera at https://raw.pixls.us ?

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The S5M2 is not supported yet.

Samples are already present on RPU.

See also Lumix S5II Raw support?


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much