Lumix S5II Raw support?

I recently picked up a Lumix S5II, and would really love to be able to edit my raw files in Raw Therapee, as it’s quickly replaced lightroom as my favorite editor. I’ve looked into it as much as humanly possible, and cannot seem to find any sort of update, or note about an update that will include raw support or anything of that nature. ALSO if anyone has a workaround that would allow me to use raw files in rawtherapee from my S5II I am all ears. Tried spoofing the EXIF data and saying it was an S5 instead, but unfortunately it only see’s the files as black. Any help would be greatly appreciated I’ve had to resort to using a DXO Photolab 6 free trial (and it’s nowhere near as good as RT).

Thanks in advance!

It seems that this camera was released in the last few months, right? In that case you’ll likely need to submit some samples so support can be added. is the place to do that. Then once support has been added, you can use a development version of RT, if you’re comfortable with that. Otherwise you’ll need to wait until the next release.

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I think S5M2 samples are already available on RPU, but as Panasonic introduced yet another version of their proprietary compression scheme, my guess is it’ll be some time before this is implemented.


Okay, thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate it!

Can you clarify this compression scheme madness? Im not super well learned on the software side of things.

Almost every camera vendor uses an in-house, undocumented/unpublished compression algorithm for their raw files that someone has to reverse engineer (or enter in an NDA w/ the vendor to get the spec). Sometimes they stick with it for years so support for new models can be easily added, sometimes they change it frequently.

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Ah! So Panasonic changed it from the S5 to the S5II? I will say when I spoof the EXIF data on the files to say S5 the program (that allows it DXO PhotoLab 6) doesn’t seem to struggle in editing them. Not sure how I could show this, but perhaps they didn’t change it?

We know they did: Panasonic DC-S5M2 Raw files not loading · Issue #13511 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub and Panasonic Lumix DC GH6 RW2 raw format support · Issue #6469 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

(Both reference the DC-GH6 which is the first model to introduce this new format.)

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Right in my feelings… Well either way I appreciate the help! Here’s hoping it happens sooner than later.

Entirely ignorant question, the other editor im trying DXO Photolab JUST added native support for S5II is it possible to somehow nab the information engineers would need from their application?

It is not. Even if it were, it could been seen as intellectual property theft.

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Totally understand.

I wonder what the progress is so far. I had to buy lightroom to edit my S5II raws, cant wait to go back to rawtherapee, once the support is added.

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I am anxiously awaiting the day!

Just bumping this, in hopes I can switch back soon : )

Yeah, I keep checking it every update. So sad, I need to keep using Lr for my camera. Cant wait to switch back.

can you not use the adobe dng converter to turn them into dng’s?

Is the DNG converter free? I also just like having profile corrections available, for the time being I am using DXO Photolab 6, which I CAN export DNG’s from, but that extra step just kinda makes it less appealing for me. Call it lazy, but I enjoy a streamlined experience!

yes Adobe Digital Negative Converter

I have tried DNG, but the colours are all weird and muted. I will just have to wait for now…