Darktable text tutorials

I’m a big fan of text tutorials but I’ve noticed there aren’t many for darktable, so I’ve been planning on writing some. I had an old one I posted on reddit, but I’ve wanted to move it away from there onto a dedicated blog. Well, I finally got around it!


It was written when darktable 3.6 came out, so maybe a little dated by this point. But I plan on writing some more in a similar style (how to accomplish something, rather than basics/tool specific). Maybe I’ll break down the process for one of my own photos (the vast majority of them were using darktable), are there any that someone here would be interested in? Or I could do one for a Play Raw I’ve posted here.


Question for the moderators (not sure if there’s an easy way to tag them, @paperdigits ?), should further posts stay in this thread, or should there be a new one for each new post?


I’m not a moderator, but I think it will be best to keep them here in a single thread. This will be similar to shabo yt videos.


That makes sense.

Here is a new one! https://nishchalb.github.io/posts/dt_halation/

I describe how to emulate film halation using the Diffuse or Sharpen module. I know there’s a lot of active discussion on that module here recently, so hopefully you all find this interesting.

I think next I might write about achieving pastel colors, something like my image here PXL_20210711_223155650 | Nishchal Bhandari | Flickr


New post! Darktable: Pastel Style

I did end up going back to an old edit of mine and describing one method of achieving pastel colors. I’m sure there’s many nice ways to accomplish this, so I’ll probably end up posting it as a play raw to see how others do it.


Sigmoid with primary manipulation works pretty well too to help achieve the look… If you have the stamina to keep creating I think many users esp newer ones that like to learn from the material as you have presented it rather than or as an alternative or complement to video content.

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That seems like another interesting way to achieve the effect. I have at least one other tutorial planned, but would definitely like to continue making them. I definitely struggled with how to accomplish certain things in darktable when I started out, and things like @s7habo 's videos and looking at sidecars from playraws here helped me out a ton.

But I am a big fan of text tutorials and would have liked more them when I was a beginner, so trying to help change that for others who are just discovering darktable.