Defringe banding

Hello! I’ve complained a bit about defringe before, but this time it’s different (I think). In the provided image, defringe creates quite visible bands. I tried playing with the sliders and CA settings but nothing helped. Reducing radius reduces the bands, but also the total power of the tool, so that’s irrelevant. Am I doing something wrong? I use a threshold of zero to get rid of the hard edges that defringe otherwise creates. I have provided the raw, tifs, pp3, and the difference (using GIMP) created by the tool.

defringe bands.7z (56.4 MB)

Rawtherapee 5.9

Your lens has problems with longitudinal chromatic aberration

Even so, I don’t think that explains the banding caused by the defringe tool.

I opened an issue on GitHub. It was a bug after all, fixed by Lawrence37’s patch.