Delete Film Roll

Is there a way in drakatble to delete all of the various film rolls that I have acquired when I’m done editing images? My list is getting long and I would really only like to keep what I am currently working on.

Thank you

Sorry for the mis-spelling of “darktable”

Using the stable version you need a bit of a workaround:

  • Select the film roll you want to remove
  • select all the images (ctrl-a)
  • using the selected images module use remove (DO NOT USE DELETE!!)

This will remove them from the database and remove the film roll, all your actual edits (xmps) will still be there next to the RAWs. You can always re-import the folder/directory at a later date if needed.

Be warned: If you use delete then the RAWs and xmps will be physically removed and not accessible any longer! As in: Gone.

The latest master/development version has a shortcut: Right click on the film roll and select remove.



If I decide to do this I will be sure to select remove and not delete. I am using the most current version of darktable which came out December 2020. Does that have the shortcut you refer to below?

Thank you again

The latest stable version is 3.4.1 ( if you are on Windows). If memory serves me right that one was released in February '21.

Nope, that is not yet part of 3.4.0 or 3.4.1.

The shorter right-click method is only available in the development (“3.5.0”) version. It will be part of the upcoming stable version (in June/July if I’m not mistaken).