Delete photos from media after successfull transfer

Rapid Photo Downloader used to have a feature that would delete the files off the media when a card was plugged in, and after the transfers were successful.

When the refresh of the UI happened quite some time ago, this feature seemed to have gone away.

In the features section on the home page, it states

Common tasks can be automated—start downloading on program startup and device insertion, unmount devices when completed, delete dowloaded images from devices, and exit automatically when finished downloading.

I just went hunting to see if the feature had been re-added, but I can’t find it.

Can someone point me to the features hiding spot.



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I have corrected the website. Thanks for letting me know. I will not implement auto-delete until after this feature is implemented and proven 100% reliable by users: Request for Comments: Photo and Video Consolidation for Rapid Photo Downloader

Just as a reminder. SDcards are flash memory and flash memory cells can wear out the more often you write to them. This means if you shoot some pictures, download and delete them and repeat that very often, then the flash memory cells at the beginning of your card will wear out pretty fast.

You should try to shoot with the card until it is (almost) full and then format it. That way all memory cells are used the same and your card will live longer :wink: