Difference in jpg file size when exporting using 'save as' vs exporting using 'queue' with same export settings

Hello, I’m rather new to this, so please go easy on me :slight_smile:
After a lot of preliminary reasearch I found RawTherapee to be the best choice for me, and have 5.9 installed and running.
I downloaded 16 RAW (Canon, CR2) image files from shotkit.com, and went to try the editor.
Upon researching, wanted to see size and quality differences between jpg lv 80, 90, 100 with optimized quality vs optimized compression.

I found I want to export lv90+Best compression, as I will only use my pictures “for web” at this point in time, and file size difference is too minor to settle for lv 80, even though the quality is pretty much the same for web / on-screen purposes.

Now the issue:
If I let RawTherapee export the RAW to JPG using the QUEUE, I get a JPG file of 208.3 kB
If I export to JPG using the ‘Save As’ dialog (with SAME settings!), I get a JPG file of 4.6 MB
SAME SETTINGS, with NO EDITING DONE AT ALL (exporting the RAW same way I downloaded it, not touching anything)
Export settings as far as I can tell are RAW to JPEG 8-bit, Quality lv=90, optimized for best compression.

PP3 file for smaller JPG says in line6 “Rank=0” under [GENERAL] , while pp3 file for larger JPG says in line 6 “Rank=-1”

What am I missing? ← What is the cause for the difference in file sizes using these two methods, that afaict should do pretty much the same job?

OK, I found another obvious difference that slipped by me, very crucial, probably the answer: the smaller file is exported 900X599 pixels, the larger file 5626X3745 pixels.

So now my question is probably about “export profiles” and how to configure the default export profile in queue mode to be the same as the one in ‘save-as’ mode.
I do believe I’ll find it soon though, now that I know better what to look for.

In the screenshot attached I see that for “Fast Export” - Resize is set to max=900x900.
I changed it to 3840×2160 so it’s optimized for pretty much everything, according to “common resolution” found in

turned it off and on again, settings are saved and I think the “problem” is solved.

Thank you in advanced!

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Another thing to consider that led me to the issue and the confusion, is the difference in opening RT (main) app, vs opening by clicking the RAW file itself:
When opening the app - File Browser, Queue and Preferences - are available; opening the file itself leads to “Remote” mode, where these options are … simply not there, as described on this thread:

So, if you are using Linux - I suggest to use “open with” for the file type - and type in the command: rawtherapee -R , and then every RAW will open in full-mode as well,
as described here:

And Thank you to ChasingShadows [Karlheinz Lehmann] for sharing that resource on the linked thread.

Just saw your edit that you found the “fast export thing”. :upside_down_face:

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Yes I have. I’m a fast learner lol

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