Digikam and ART

Hello, I scrupulously followed the tutorial present on the wiki concerning the exchange of metadata between digikam and ART. I managed to reproduce from ART to digikam but not the opposite. I used digikam appimage 6 and 7 beta but without success. Anyone else having this problem? I ask the question here and will open a bug ticket if there are many of us. @agriggio

can you elaborate a little bit on what you did and what you expected? Are you talking about star ratings/color labels, or more general metadata (Exif/IPTC/XMP)? Note that in the latter case it’s expected that ART might not be able to show all the metadata in the GUI, but they should be present in the output images. The expectation is not that you will use both digikam and ART to edit the metadata, but rather that you edit the metadata with digikam and simple have ART copy them on output…

My essays focused on stars, colors and headlines as in the video. I manage to recover in digikam what I did in ART but not the opposite. All my user friends have taken the test and all have the same problem. What was your version of dgk in the video? an appimage? Thank you @agriggio

I just tried again, works for me… I’m using digikam 7.0.0-beta1, appimage.
Can you maybe show a quick video of exactly what you did?

Ok :+1:


I answer myself. I just found out why it didn’t work. You had to select “write metadata” before exiting digikam. I can’t remember if you did that in your video?

Damn! it does not work anymore…I have to do something wrong because now I have the stars again but no colors … damn

I don’t do any explicit write, but I think you have to make sure you check the option in digikam to store metadata in xmp sidecars… did you do that? (note I haven’t watched the video yet)

Hello. I made several tests. There is just one interaction that works between the two software in my case
dgkm take into account metadata, color labels, stars registered with ART only after export.

By account, and there it is crazy I find, I re-import in art the jpeg that I created in art from a raw with keywords, color labels and stars: it sees only the keywords ! No color label or star.
I hope this will help you and thank you again for your hard work.

I will play with this, but I suspect the problem might be that art reads from xmp sidecars only, and perhaps digikam stores the rating directly in the jpg? I must confess I only rate raws, never jpegs, so I’ve never tried that scenario…

Same problems with raw files. I will continue my tests and will come back to share them here when I see more clearly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

how about these settings (in digikam)?

I put the same settings but the same problems

It run! But only with raw files… do you have any idea why it gets stuck with jpegs? @agriggio

I think digikam writes to the jpeg directly instead of using the xmp sidecar – but I need to double check this. As I wrote earlier, I never tag jpegs, so I don’t really know… I need to try

ok! to be continued… very interested in this topic :innocent:

Yes, digikam writes directly to the jpeg.

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Thanks for confirming. I’ll see if I can handle this as well

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